Sage Heston Blumenthal Smart 4 Slice Toaster with 2000W Power in Red only £64.99 @ HUGHES

Sage Heston Blumenthal Smart 4 Slice Toaster with 2000W Power in Red only £64.99 @ HUGHES

Found 20th Nov 2017
Brilliant Black friday deal - never seen this break £100 mark! parents Christmas present sorted!

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don't get why you would spend this much on a toaster unless your loaded, then why would you be on a website to save you money!
Maybe loaded because they save so much money on here
Indeed, never really understood such comments. Those who are well off can still (and perhaps may be more likely to be) financially savvy and appreciate value and therefore a good deal. Not everyone wants to spend (waste) every last penny they get
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Not saying I'd spend 70 quid on a toaster mind
Now 59.99 post-Black Friday! Since I'll never make 4 slices of anything toasted, I just ordered the 2-slice version, which is 39.99. Not sure the 2-slicer is 1800W though (cue melted toast) - other sites say it's 1000W. 40 quid still seems a lot to me to pay for a toaster, but the tons of features should hopefully make it worth it (my current ultra-cheap toaster is frankly rubbish in every way imaginable).

Update: Played with the toaster and it does a good job - toast is browned fully and evenly and I only have to put bread or crumpets in once (no redo upside down). It should be noted that frozen crumpets need a higher setting than frozen bread if you press both the Frozen and Crumpet buttons before starting. Still not sure that spending 40 quid on a toaster was wise - something like the 11 quid Asda toaster probably does a similar job for less than 1/3rd of the price.
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