Sagem DTR 67250T DVB-T Twin Tuner 250 gb £79!! @ Asda

Sagem DTR 67250T DVB-T Twin Tuner 250 gb £79!! @ Asda

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Hi all:
First post so be kind please.
Saw this freeview tuner today at asda in-store at Basingstoke. I don't now if is a one off or nationwide. Seems a very decent price for a 250gb HDD box with USB connection and Twin tuner, meaning you can record 1 programs while watching other channel or 2 programs at once. Good reviews around. Original price was £110.
It might be good for someone. Very tempted myself.
Hope anyone can find it somewhere else, as I know how annoying it is when is a one off.
No link tough!!


Sorry but wouldn't twin tuner mean you can record one channel whilst watching another?

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Sorry, i wil try and change it. Newby!!!

looks good for a 250gb recorder. reviews? nationwide?


looks good for a 250gb recorder. reviews? nationwide?

Try this link:…iew

Well i bought one of these a few weeks ago from my local Asda for the same price, and mine is great. Better then the Wharfedale one that i have replaced, which itself was better than the BT Vision box. Ok so it DOES sometimes freeze up, but then again so does my SKY HD box, in fact i have to have THAT on a timer switch to hard power it on and off.
250 GB Twin tuner, with 1080i (720p) upscaling over HDMI all for £79, what more can you ask.. Heat added.

I've got the 120gb version of this model and it has been brilliant.

I bought my parents this PVR for Xmas and it's been faultless. Highly recommended from me, don't bother with the Wharfdale/Bush/Hitachi/Sharp ones you can get from Argos.

checked two three locations in the north east - all at £120

There are a few 320gb ones in my local for £120

These are awful, avoid

First one i had went straight back it was freezing just far too much, then on the second day the remote failed. I was tempted to get an alternative make but replaced it with the same model. I am glad i did stick to the same make. No freezing now and remote fine. So maybe there are just a couple of duff ones out there.

Heat added as good price

x Danny;6002097

There are a few 320gb ones in my local for £120

in checking out the 250gb model today I found them for £120, the 320Gb was beside them on the shelf at £130, that's in the north east region of course.

Any in reading anyone? Cheers

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Reading is not far from Basingstoke where i found this.


think I'd rather pay out £20-£30 more for a humax.
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