Sagem MY300c PINK on Vodafone PAYG - now just £19.99 @ PrePayMania

Sagem MY300c PINK on Vodafone PAYG - now just £19.99 @ PrePayMania

Found 6th Mar 2009
PrePay Mania have reduced the Sagem MY300c to just £19.99 on Vodafone pay as you go. Delivery is free.

This great little phone is one of the smallest clamshell handset available and doesnt lack in style either. If you are looking for a bargain with style that will fit into your jeans pocket fro a night out then you cant go far wrong with the new Sagem MY300C.

The pink version of Sagem my300C is especially designed for women and also adds a flowery pattern on the top case. Still, even the flowers look withered and the combination between them and the pink case is not set for any success.

Even the phone's measures have been long outdated by other models which might even be capable of higher performances. Sagem my300C comes in a case of 79.2 x 43.5 x 21.7 mm and a weight of 80 grams. The phone is a dual band one, which makes it excellent for being used in European countries.

The handset includes a mere VGA camera which is now being used only on low-end mobile phones. It also comes with the possibility of browsing the Web through WAP, sending MMS messages and playing Java games. In fact, there are few phones out there that can't do these. Moreover, it comes with only 3 MB of internal memory included. This may not be all that little, after all, when considering the few possibilities that the cell phone provides its user.

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