Sahara / Frailty / How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (3 DVD Boxset) £2.69 + Free Delivery @ CDWow

Sahara / Frailty / How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (3 DVD Boxset) £2.69 + Free Delivery @ CDWow

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Found 6th Nov 2009
Sahara (Dir. Breck Eisner, 2005): Dirk (Matthew McConaughey) and Al (Steve Zahn) have been friends since kindergarten, having also gone through college and the Navy together. The two now work for a former admiral travelling around the world and salvaging treasures from the sea with the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA). In his spare time, Dirk is obsessed with the 150-year-old mystery of the Texas, an Ironclad battleship that reportedly disappeared from Richmond, Virginia during a Civil War battle and turned up in Africa. When a Confederate coin, allegedly one of only five minted, surfaces in Mali Dirk and Al plan to travel there from Lagos, Nigeria on the admiral's yacht to investigate.

Meanwhile, in Lagos, Dirk meets Eva (Penelope Cruz), a doctor for the World Health Organization (WHO) who believes that there is a plague building in Mali. Since the WHO is unable to find another way into the war-torn country, Dirk and Al give Eva and her colleague a lift up the river. Once in Mali, Dirk, Al, and Eva quickly find themselves embroiled in trouble as she pursues the source of the disease...

Frailty (Dir. Bill Paxton, 2001): Years after terrorising a small Texas community, the God's Hand Killer has returned - leaving in his wake a perplexing trail of fear and death. Convinced that he knows the killer's identity, Fenton Meiks shows up at FBI Headquarters, intent on putting an end to the murderous rampage and relieving his conscience of his family's sinister secrets.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days (Dir. Donald Petrie, 2003): Andie needs to prove she can dump a guy in 10 days. Ben needs to prove he can win a girl in 10 days. Now, the clock is ticking-and the year's most wildly entertaining comedy smash is off and running in this irresistible tale of sex, lies and outrageous romantic fireworks!

Special Features
* Frailty:
* Theatrical trailer
* How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days:
* Audio commentary from director Donald Petrie
* Deleted scenes with optional director's commentary
* 'Mapping Out The Perfect Movie' featurette
* Location/production map


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