Sailor Jerry Original Recipe(!) Rum - 1.5l Bar Bottle at The Whisky Exchange - £94.90 delivered

Sailor Jerry Original Recipe(!) Rum - 1.5l Bar Bottle at The Whisky Exchange - £94.90 delivered

Found 22nd Jun 2012
Sailor Jerry rum posts usually have one thing in common - folks like me complaining that they changed the recipe a few years ago, and that the new one is pale in comparison. I got an email from The Whisky Exchange, saying that they've unearthed a stash of original recipe bar bottles for £89.95 plus delivery. I know this isn't exactly cheap, given that the new stuff retails at approx. £35 for 1.5l...but this is the original and best
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Or try Asda own brand Caribbean Spiced which tastes very like the original Sailor Jerrys and is £13.99 a bottle
Original recipe or not, nearly a ton for a large bottle of rum seems like a rip-off: cold (sorry!)
They changed the recipie to be liked by the larger commercial market, I prefered the original but the new one still tastes pretty good. I wouldn't spend £100 for it, sis you?
100.00 for rum, you serious.
Surley the new stuff cant taste that bad, that you need to spend triple the price.
Not a spiced rum, but the whiskey exchange sell a Dark Rum (original issue Navy Rum) called Black Tot and it's only £610 a bottle - if only I had won the lottery!!!!!!
I paid 1/4 of this price for a barrel of Pusser's Rum (cask strength), admittedly this was a few years ago (ok alot of years ago), but this seems like a total ripoff, the old recipe wasn't that much better.

Nice heads up on the Asda own stuff though honest_geezer, have to look out for that, purely for testing purposes of course!
Thanks for all the comments - will have to look at Asda's own too! My brother is a [whatever the name for a person who concocts and makes cocktails...barman lol?] in one of Newcastle's better bars, and says they're often asked by punters if its the new or old recipe that they stock - they also had to reblend a lot of their cocktails to take into account for the change. The nicest rum I've come across in a long time is Venzuelan - Ron Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, to be fair that's just under half the price of this for half the volume...but it does beat SJ hands down
Honestly, try Asda's own! The soon to be Mrs is an original SJ connoisseur and said they are VERY similar!!!
Really weird as own brand isn't always great still,but this has been tried and tested amongst friends. It's certainly more like it than the new "improved" version.
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Only newly introduced to rum. A friend very kindly let me have some of his Sailor Jerry Original (the same expensive one as this) and with coke the I tasted a distinct vanilla and lime flavour. It was a fantastic drink and it got me onto their mass marketed version... It's nice, but every time I drink it I am reminded of the sadness that they no longer make the good version, and likely never will..

@ Honest_geezer, is this the ASDA one you are referring to?…128
Can only see a page of rums there. The right one is called Caribbean Spiced. They have it in all our local ones, so should be nationwide :-) Does smell identical!
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I still have two 1.5l bottles left of the original :
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