Sainsbury digital slow cooker £19.99 click and collect

Sainsbury digital slow cooker £19.99 click and collect

Found 2nd Sep 2013
4.5l capacity and has timer facility and keep warm function too. Difficult to find a slow cooker with these features without spending a great deal more.
Im returning to work after maternity leave so this will hopefully help.

Using ipad so cant upload image

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Nice one OP! Wanted to buy one of these for ages but found it to be too expensive, ordered!
I have this slow cooker and its brilliant, I own another slow cooker too but love the fact that this one automatically switches to warm after your food has finished cooking
Thanks OP - just ordered.
Is this only for thick people in the kitchen?

Is this only for thick people in the kitchen?

In B4 "Yeah, so you can use LOOL " wazzocks
Back in stock
cheers op just sorted out my mum and dads xmas pressie they like going out for long walks etc this is ideal with them with the built in timer for switching on and then its got brains to switch to warm after its cooked so if they running late no matter.

guess its just made for thick pensioners and there life style maybe just a few other busy people out there as well that prefer not to using there whole cooker which doesn't have a built in switch on timer.
like walking in having dinner ready and then after dinner maybe straight out the door again to evening social life as well not waiting for dinner to cook that does sound thick doesn't it.
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