Sainsbury: Instore bakery: 2 for £1

Sainsbury: Instore bakery: 2 for £1

Found 24th Nov 2010
I found this at a Sainsbury local in Wimbledon (not sure if nationwide)

Includes instore bakery items (crossiants) and cheese twists. These are not the boxed ones.

One cheese twist on its own is 95p and and similar price for an Almond crossiant. Tescos in Wimbledon charges the same price and is of very inferior quality.

Had a great lunch of a cheese twist and almond crossiant



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PS: Can someone please confirm this is nationwide.


my store doesn't sell cheese twists

this is a permanent deal and has been on for months...

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Want to be rich

this is a permanent deal and has been on for months...

Didnt know that. When I went into the store a month this offer wasnt there.

But this deal is great as I used to shop @ the local Tescos in Wimbledon and the quality of their similar stuff was really bad and they charged the same prices. Never had any offers whatsoever in the past 2 years I have been shopping their for their instore bakery products.

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I dont understand why some people voted cold. Guess some people cant see bargains as clearly as others!

For 5p more you save 85p which is around 45% if you buy 2 of these items
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