Sainsbury toy sale- 75% of some toys

Sainsbury toy sale- 75% of some toys

Found 7th Apr 2008
Was in my local sainsburys when i came across a seperate area for Toys. They have selected Toys at 75% off.

I bought a barbie princess bedroom for £4.99 originally £20 for my little girl, she loved it.
(Comes with a musical bed and accessories.)
There was Thomas tank engine set and bob the builder set with 75%off.

Maybe worth a look!
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They had hot wheels criss cross crash for £7.99 reduced from £29.99 when I looked yesterday and a few postman pat vehicles with 75% off.
thanks for the info, i'll go a take a look later
Cheers Billy Mac - Will have a look in my local store... I know my mam got a Nintendog soft toy for my niece when they last did this...
just went to my local sainsbury's and bought two bob the builder hat and tool sets for £3.49 reduced from £13.99 each for my son and nephew

damn missed out on the last criss cross crash as it didnt have a price on it!!!!

voted hot
not in wigan
got some left in our sainsburys in thornhill, cardiff. they're with the bbq stuff!?
I got some right bargains:
Bob the Builder Draw and Drive reduced from £25 to £6.50
Dora 4 pack of puzzles reduced to £1
Giant Dora floor puzzle reduced to £2.24
Peppa Pig Peekaboo game reduced to 74p
Noddy Board game reduced to £1.99
A remote control Hummer reduced from £30 to £10
Polly Pocket (change wigs) reduced to £1.50
Bob the Builder Musical TV reduced to £2.49

There was no room in my trolley for food though . . . :-)
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