Sainsbury's 1/3rd off baby event starts Thursday 13th!

Sainsbury's 1/3rd off baby event starts Thursday 13th!

Found 9th Jan 2011
Save 1/3 on Baby Products - Starts Thursday

Includes the usual...
Nappies, Wipes, Newborn, Bathing, Changing, Baby oil, creams & powders, Feeding accessories, food & drink(excluding milk)
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Thanks. They do the best antibac wipes at Sainsburys - time to stock up again!
Thanks for sharing - baby no.2 due in 8 weeks so perfect timing!
4th one on way so great for us, thank you for update
2nd due in 12 weeks and we think its good time to start buying bits and bobs heat added!!
thanks i'll be stocking up on nappies there own brand are so much better than pampers and cheaper
great thanks, their fragrance free wipes are only about 40 something pence when this event is on and they have no rubbish in them... no parabens e.t.c. same goes for their shampoos/baby bath.
Having our first in april! so nappies and stuff at cut price is hot from me
I thought you had to be rich and go to Africa to buy a baby?
You can order all of this already if you book delivery from Thursday + if your signed up to their baby and toddler club you may have a voucher for free delivery like me!!
Thanks for the info! Will be getting their own brand eco nappies & wipes & some more fruit post for my little monster. Just in time - thanks for the heads up.
After making my purchase of a load of baby stuff, I was given two vouchers - £3 and £2 off when you buy two packs of Newborn Pampers nappies. I then went back, did 4 packs in one purchase, and they were fine with that and this way you get a third off, then an extra fiver (if these nappies are the ones you decide to go for).
the Sainsbury Basic Baby Lotion is only 7p! and it smells and feels like the big brand ones!!
hot hot hot will be stocking up this weekend

hot hot hot will be stocking up this weekend

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