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Posted 1 December 2022

Sainsbury's 200g Medjool Dates, Taste the Difference £1.50 at Sainsbury's

£1.50£2.5040% off
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Edit 8th Dec. - offer still available. Got a few more packs yesterday in-store.
Found in-store at Upton today, 200g packs of TTD Medjool dates on offer @ £1.50, down from £2.50. Also available on-line.

Just eaten a few and they're really good.

Interestingly, the packs state "No date (b.b.), helps to reduce waste". The pack I got are from Jordan, although on-line it states they can be "Grown in Jordan, Namibia, South Africa or United States"

Sainsbury's More details at Sainsbury's

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    Have 2-3 dates a day. Grape tree have a bag £2.99 for a kilo. Not mejool though.
    Whats Grape tree
  2. Avatar
    Palestinian Medjool dates are the best I've had. How do these compare?
    Have you tried medjool from California? They're just as good.
  3. Avatar
    For anyone having a Costco membership, they sell organic californian Medjools at £7.99 per 900 grams pack, they are just as good. I've tried israeli, palestinian and californian medjools, all of them very good but I find the Costco ones the most affordable and organic.
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    Are these soft and chewy or dry? Thanks
    Deliciously soft and succulent, certainly not dry
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    These are excellent and right now, a better value than the 500g pack at £4.95. I do however get Nectar points and price offers on the latter which sometimes makes it worthwhile to buy the bigger one.
    The 500g packs have increased to £5.25, so these "undated" dates are even better value!

  6. Avatar
    These are really good value......HOT
  7. Avatar
    So tasty 😋.
    Literally just finished a pack of those, they are so sweet and for that price it will taste a lot sweeter.
    Very good quality dates, hot from me.🔥
  8. Avatar
    I got a pack of these for £1-50 on Monday. Just as nice as the Aldi ones.
  9. Avatar
    There are dates and dates. Medjool dates are the very best and were once for the exclusive use of Royalty - taste them and you'll see why. Be careful - once tasted there's no going back. Geat deal OP - thanks for posting.
    You're welcome !
  10. Avatar
    Nothing better than a cheap date
  11. Avatar
    Missed these today somehow - going back tomorrow.
  12. Avatar
    These are lovely
    Such a bargain price too!
    As mentioned, once you've had these, them wooden pack ones with the plastic tree branch. Won't be the same.
  13. Avatar
    Nutritious and delicious.
  14. Avatar
    Bought once the big box, and they were awful (fermented). As far as I realised they come from one of 4 countries, so it might have just been a bad luck; the ones I bought were from Namibia. (edited)
    Oh dear, did Sainsbury's replace or refund them?
    I've found they're usually very good with problem items
  15. Avatar
    Known as the king of dates
  16. Avatar
    Tesco do a sky blue large box of dates. Although not medjool they are close and delicious! A lot cheaper too. Best kept secret!
    Do you mean these?
    tesco.com/gro…889 .
    Sometimes they DO contain Medjool dates - variety of dates are stated on a label at one end of the box. I too have had them previously and often check when in store
    48910107-Rn1ki.jpg (edited)
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    Please fact check where the dates is coming from if they are not making it clear. I can’t say where the dates came from my comment was deleted when I did
    Country of produce details mentioned in my post and shown on-line at Sainsbury's for these medjool dates. It's also stated on the packaging (edited)
  18. Avatar
    Medjool are the king of dates.
  19. Avatar
    Best ever
  20. Avatar
    Have I ever told you the story about eating half of a date only to have a maggot drop out onto my chest...struggle to touch a date again since. Was from a pack in Tunisia mind you, and not Sainsburys...
    A little like "what's worse than biting into a strawberry and finding a worm? Biting into one and finding HALF a worm" !!
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    Voted hot, good price. I normally purchase Yaffa Palestinian dates, they do the jumbo versions, which are incredible!
  22. Avatar
    I accidentally found them in Sainsbury's three weeks ago at £1.50. Bought three packs.
  23. Avatar
    Mmmm I was planning on making marzipan dates as extra wee Christmas gifts, will have to pick these up when I'm next in!
  24. Avatar
    Mine had a sticker on the lid saying produced in Israel?
    Must be a different line - these packs don't have a lid, they're in a plastic-type bag. See my photo taken in-store.
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