Sainsbury's 4 Quarterpounder Burgers Should be £2.47 but Scanning at £1

Sainsbury's 4 Quarterpounder Burgers Should be £2.47 but Scanning at £1

Found 4th May 2011Made hot 4th May 2011
Sainsbury's in Bolton have packs of 4 quarterpounder beefburgers which should be £2.47 or 2 for £4 are scanning at £1. It's probably a misprice and store specific but worth checking out if you fancy burgers for tea!


Nationwide for yesterday and today also includes ttd beef burgers x2 which ar far nicer IMHO.
Not a misprice, reduced to clear stock left over from the weekend

my local tesco express had 8 finest burgers (not quarterpounders) down from £4 to £2 which I thought was a decent deal if anyone has one of those closer and/or with stock

Got 5 packs for the weekend bbq thanks op.

These will go well on my 2p Asda plates. Thanks OP.



Offally good deal

Probably not a misprice - my local store had this price on the shelf edge label, even though '2 for £4 | £1 each' makes no sense!

Good price, will have a look.

Got some yesterday, back to full price today though (and still the same use by dates on them).

got them at scunthorpe store on thursday, price marked at 2'47, but shelf edge at a pound
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