Sainsburys 50 ballpoint pens 99p.

Sainsburys 50 ballpoint pens 99p.

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Sainsburys Chesham (don't know if it's national) are selling tubs of 50 red, blue and black ballpoint pens for 99p. Reduced from £4.99. 2p a pen. They are also selling tubs of 30 gel pens down from £6.99 to 99p.

£1.49 from Sainsbury Online if you don't mind the 50p extra.…027
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All sold out near me. Very good deal tho!!

Lots of the Back to school staionery heavily reduced as well. Picked up a few things yesterday.

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They had loads of pads and various stationary at great prices but I just picked up the pens because someone in our house must eat them the way we get through them.

Good price if you can find any. Hot from me.

I bought these a couple of years back ok for throw away pens but colurs are a bit pale

I got some off the gel pens today

they have some in Ripley, also 50 pencils 99p

Anybody know what default font these come loaded with?

I got some in Cheshire Oaks Sainsbury's today with pencils and other reduced stationary

all sold out where i live, could have done with these at the office

good deal, hott

you can never find a pen in my house so these are ideal

I picked up the 30 Gel Pens for 99p too.

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Still available in Chesham. Bought some more today.

Picked up some A4 value ruled refill pads from Tesco the other day for 37p I think. They are always a good price, but I havent got any for a while so not sure if always this cheap. 80 sheets per pad
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