Sainsbury's Basics Sandwich Toaster Maker £4.64 @ Sainsburys

Sainsbury's Basics Sandwich Toaster Maker £4.64 @ Sainsburys

Found 7th Jul 2012
Picked this up tonight and already made my first toasted cheese sandwich with it. Came out brilliantly! Although there is room for 2 sandwiches, I'd only recommend cooking 1. £4.64 is a steal!
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Tempted but put off by reviews.
Didn't have a problem here. Brilliant thing. Not risking much for less then a fiver.
Got this too; still going strong and does the job
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My son took one of these to uni, and even with the seven boys in his flat practically living on toasted sandwiches it survived really well. My only critisism would be that the plates are a little small compared to some models, but it still worked fine.
This is one of the best things I've ever bought! My son uses it almost every day & it's brilliant for the price
"Sandwich not included"

how is this a hot deal? It's not on offer, there's loads of different sellers for these at a fiver or so and it gets bad reviews?

Thanks OP - ordered!
I had one of these at uni. Wonder what happened to it.
Yep I got one of these too over 8 years ago when Argos was doing them, and amazingly it's still working!
Damn Warburtons with their tall bread!
very tempted, but the reviews are pretty bad, not sure whether I should buy it or not
I'm sorry but because its cheap doesnt make it any good... i got one the other day and:
1. it takes a day and an age to actually toast
2. ridiculously messy as its been designed for 3/4 size bread....

Sooo - if you're renting a place out and want to frustrate your tenants - great! - otherwise avoid....
I've had this for a while my girlfriend makes me great tastey toasted samdwiches
Protip: Use your George Foreman to make toasted sandwiches. They cook so much quicker, taste a million times better and don't become that horrible pointy shape.
Very disappointed with my Sainsbury's toastie maker - takes ages, and only half of it seems to cook
All I can say is you got faulty machines. My toasties take about 5 minutes at most! Only down side is you can only make 1 at a time, but as I said before, at less then a fiver, who really cares. If yours really took ages to cook, there must have been something wrong with it.
Really not worth it! Avoid
What's the returns policy like with Sainsburys? If it is s.hit can I just return it?

What's the returns policy like with Sainsburys? If it is s.hit can I just … What's the returns policy like with Sainsburys? If it is s.hit can I just return it?

good point -but i threw out packaging already (as a blind optimist!)

still - in fairness to the OP - even us who think they are **** bought one in the hope it was a bargain. if it worked out for others, guess that warrants the posting in HUKD...

.... and no - mine is not faulty (faulty in thisinstance = works or doesnt - they're pretty basic devices afterall).
Its the worst toaster in history!!!
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