Sainsburys Basics Skimmed Milk Powder 400grams @ £1.01 Previously £1.11

Sainsburys Basics Skimmed Milk Powder 400grams @ £1.01 Previously £1.11

Found 21st Feb 2012
Falling from £1.77 to £1.11 and now down to £1.01 after consecutive rises from £1.47/£1.50 to £1.61. Nice to see Sainsburys lowering prices for once, which might be because Tesco already did and Sainsburys are doing the same. Anyway, when I last looked at these, I believe that they had just gone up to £1.77 so this is a big reduction of 66p or 37%.

If you don't mind powdered milk or pasteurized for that matter, then this seems a very good deal. Not a special deal/offer or anything, just a reduction and a big one at that. I have started using it for making yoghurt and mixing it with bottled sterilized milk, which is what I prefer and grew up drinking, as the price of that has shot up. It's a pity that the farmers aren't getting anything extra from the bottled milk price rises.

This stuff keeps well, the ones I purchased are good until February 2013 so it might be worth stocking up in case the prices go up again.

There is no direct linking to the Sainsburys online shopping products so I used mysupermarket comparison which HotUKDeals has replaced. A similar Tescos milk powder costs £1.15. Go to…jsp and search for Sainsbury's Skimmed Milk Powder, Basics 400g
Or search google with those words and see the mysupermarket link that I found with the Tescos comparison.…ics…jsp

Click [Start Shopping] and Search for [ Sainsburys Skimmed Milk Powder Basics ]
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good for gulab jamun
anyone know if this any good for feeding newborn babies if you don't like em too chubby

anyone know if this any good for feeding newborn babies if you don't like … anyone know if this any good for feeding newborn babies if you don't like em too chubby

I don't think I would feed it to babies. Babies don't have fully developed immune systems or digestive systems so it's a bit of a risk IMO.

Don't take the chance. Get the proper infant feed.

Fat in the diet is important to babies because it is used to aid brain and nervous system development in the early life of a baby. Certain fats and oils are essential during early brain development and cutting that out by using fat free milk could cause problems. Supplementing with certain fats are believed to be of benefit to young children and possibly babies and there are some foods available for children which is meant to be of benefit. There might be similar things available for babies. You could do some googling on that.
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ok cheers for the info think i'll stick to using my bre*sts, save myself £1.11 lol

babys gettin well fat on it tho lol
I don't have children so my knowledge about babies and things connected to caring for them is a bit limited. I do know a lot about health and connected things and some of it will apply to babies.

It's worth asking a paediatrician or healthcare professional if you have any concerns about your babies weight. That is what they are there for and there must be some help for new mums. Activity should burn some calories. As they say, breast is best. It does help develop their immune systems and is supposed to be very beneficial to them. Ask for some advice.
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