Sainsburys BBQ Food £1
Sainsburys BBQ Food £1

Sainsburys BBQ Food £1

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Sainsburys have reduced all of their fresh BBQ range of food to £1.00, not sure if this is store specific as it is the actual shelf edge ticket that has changed not reduced to clear offer, the food has good dates. This was in Crawley Sainsburys today and the following items were reduced:
Beef Kebabs with Sweet Chilli Marinade
Caramalised Steak Burgers/Hot & Spicy Quaterpounders/Simply Seasoned Burger
Chicken Drumsticks with BBQ Marinade/Chinese Marinade
Chicken Fillet Kebabs with Tikka Marinade/Thai Marinade
Lamb Shish Kebabs with Mint
Pork & Pepers kebabs with BBQ drizzle
Pork Mini Ribs with Chinese Style/Hot & Spicy
Pork Chops with Jerk Seasoning

All of these are normally £2.99 each or 2 for £5.00 so at a £1 they are a bargain, and all freezeable for then the sun returns !!


Hot hope my local has them.

They did this last week too (or was it the week before? I forget!). Was quite nice, I ended up having a BBQ that night. Is this just the normal BBQ range or is the TTD stuff included again?

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Taste the difference burgers are included, it was last week as well. They also have the Taste the Difference venison burgers included

Those venison burgers are nice, ate my last ones yesterday from the last deal

Guess it was a general overbuy as the Sunday didn't turn out as nice as they'd hoped

Just picked some up in Newport. Chicken Breast in marinade seem like a cracking buy.

Not at Canterbury

Excellent deal, thanks op :-) stocked up for future BBQ's

Got 7 items from thornhill just now. Bargain at £1 each. Decent dates aswell anything up to the 12th

Thanks for this! got mine!

Damnit, Stafford has 2 broken chillers and one is the TTD stuff! So labels on shelves but no sign of the items, was too busy to hassle a member of staff.

Is this deal just at the big stores or does it include the locals?

went to greengates Bradford this morning got £20 worth of £1 stuff, cleared the last of the shelves! Fab deal staff member said it was because it wasn't nice at the weekend! Good find.

stocked up with loads today thanks OP

Did suprise me that the 2 packs and the 4 packs were all £1 but people were still getting the 2 packs.

I did help an elderly woman change from a 2 pack to a 4 pack then i just though if people are so stupid let them be

Picked some stuff up myself today. Thanks OP

Thanks OP, stocked up for this weekend.

In my local too.. hot hot hot!

Thanks OP great find.

thanks packed out the freezer .. hot

yep repeat of last weeks offer (but at weekend they had put the price back up)

Didn't spot any in Lancaster this evening, just an obscene number of Fruit Corners about to go out of date at a trivial discount.
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Shame this deal isn't getting much heat, 50p per chicken breast is hot stuff if you ask me.

gonna give it a whirl this morning to see if there is anything left

In our store it said managers special, probably won't last too long so stock up while you can!

I'm going to try again on my way home, especially as I got a £2 of £20 till spit yesterday

Found the TTD caramelised onion burgers today, well worth 25 a burger!

Some left in the Burnley store - mainly kebabs, chicken and ribs. Stocked up thanks OP!

Few burger packs left in Hull Hessle store. Cheers!

Nice! Just got £18 worth for £6, then someone had left a fiver in the self service checkout - £18 worth for a quid ;-)

i managed to get £20 worth, plenty of burgers still there also a few chicken and kebab packs left

Basildon store

loads of everything in godalming - heat added

Just been to the Stevenage branch (Magpie Crescent) and everything is full price, unless you go for the 3 for £10 offer. I got someone to check the price so know it was right.

Great deal apart from store the items are still marked up at standard price happy days I'm on for a large bbq this weekend

Fair amount left in Solihull store, thanks op

Top deal. Thats dinner sorted for next few nights....

Having a big BBQ on Sat, really hoping that this deal is still on tomorrow when I get chance to go and look.

Just ordered loads and saved a fortune, so will fill the freezer, ready for my daughter's party in August :-)

Also got 50p Quidco, and I was able to use a £10 off £50 voucher so I saved even more:-)

My freezer is now rammed, can't cope with any more!

Can someone tell me if these are marked up at normal price ?. I went last night and they were all still showing as normal price and stupidly didn't bother to self scan to check ?.

Yes, got them in Ashbourne too, Rack of Ribs £1. Bargain.
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