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Posted 16 November 2022

Sainsbury's British or New Zealand Whole Leg Of Lamb (Ranging From 1.2kg - 3kg) Half price £6.50 kg @ Sainsbury's

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Half Price leg Of lamb £6.50 per kg, pretty good price at the moment from 23rd november @ Sainsbury's


Info added by @wadz

After opening, the colour of the meat will return after two or three minutes. There may be a slight odour present, which will disappear after ten minutes. This does not affect the eating quality of the lamb.

Cooking instructions: Oven

Oven cook from chilled. If freezing at home, defrost thoroughly before cooking. Before cooking: Remove all packaging. Preheat oven to 190°C / Fan 170°C / Gas 5. Rub 15ml vegetable oil into lamb and season with 1 teaspoon salt and pepper. During cooking: Place lamb into a shallow roasting tin. Cook for 25 minutes per 500g. After cooking: Allow to rest for 15 minutes loosely covered with foil before carving. Check food is piping hot. All cooking appliances vary. This is a guide only. Oven cook from chilled 190°C / Fan 170°C / Gas 5 25 mins per 500g


This product contains raw meat. Keep raw meat separate from cooked foods. Raw meat may contain organisms hazardous to health. Cook thoroughly until piping hot throughout. If not fully cooked in accordance with the instructions harmful bacteria may remain.

For use by date: see front of pack. Keep refrigerated. Do not exceed the use by date.

For best quality, freeze as soon as possible after purchase and always within the use by date. Once frozen consume within 3 months. Defrost thoroughly and use within 24 hours. Do not refreeze once defrosted.

Sainsbury's More details at Sainsbury's

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  1. Avatar
    What’s difference between British and New Zealand lamb? Both are same price 
    Just their accents.
  2. Avatar
    The offer is showing up on deliveries from Wednesday now.
  3. Avatar

    That's why lamb always taste funny😁
  4. Avatar
    is New Zealand's lamb not halal?
    I used to work for one of the big retailers and spoken to the buying manager. He mentioned that pretty much all new Zealand lamb was halal. I asked why its not on the label and he said it would basically put most consumers off. But yes high likelihood of being halal.
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    They’ve done a snaky one, there was British lamb on the front aisles where all the special offers were, that was at £13 per kg, NewZeland lamb which is £6.50 was amongst the lamb meat.
    This offer on New Zealand lamb only. It also had some ice frosting on the outside, so must be straight out of freezer containers onto the shop shelves. (edited)
    Incorrect dude, I got British.
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    The till is spitting £6 off £40 for us so maybe go buy something first just to check. Will be using our voucher on 3 legs later today. 
  7. Avatar
    Here you go for the non-believers.
    Which store
  8. Avatar
    Does anyone know when this deal runs until?
    Do supermarkets normally have lamb deals closer to Christmas, so mid December time at all?
    Tesco and asda normally do. But if they special offers on them round mine it was hard to get one as they was all snapped up
  9. Avatar
    Where are people getting these promo codes from??
    HUKDs of course

    There's a £15 off a £60 spend on here somewhere. Lemme know if you can't find it and I'll dig it out.

    Pair that with the 25% off 6 or more bottles of wine and boom.
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    Not particularly cheap and halal is a big put off. Stick with Aldi @7.99 kg - British Lamb - baa
    I got British legs @£6.50 kg?
  11. Avatar
    Should have grabbed this morning, shelf empty ofcourse by after school run. Maybe I can try again tomorrow
  12. Avatar
    I would have got one, but need it to be cut into small pieces something I cannot do with a knife
    Cook it whole, then de-bone it + cut up the meat into smaller portions. Freeze the portions in individual freezer bags for easy defrosting.

    Saves wasting freezer space on that big leg bone (y). And, because of its nice strong flavour, it tastes just as good when defrosted (I often put into a sandwich or roll, after quickly warming for a minute in the microwave)

    Thanks for this deal OP

    p.s. I usually batch-cook two legs at a time, then portion-up for the freezer (they fit nicely top-to-toe in a roasting tin) (edited)
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    OOS when I went the other day, but managed to collect C+C yesterday.
  14. Avatar
    Sainsbury's Local near me had no stock yesterday around midday. Tried again shortly after opening this morning and had lots of stock so got one. Sounds like they keep replenishing. Thanks.
  15. Avatar
    This was the front of aisle display this morning @ 7am in my local store, all New Zealand £10- £19 in price and another 30 odd in the normal display area for the lamb

    48837626-134EE.jpg (edited)
    I glanced in mine yesterday morning before 9, there was already only 3 there!
  16. Avatar
    Unfortunately only on whole leg and none in stock at my local
  17. Avatar
    Slow cooker lamb your time is near
    Jamaican jerk lamb, delicious!
  18. Avatar
    Lamb is the king of meats
    Asparagus is the king of vegetables.
  19. Avatar
    Ewe know it's a good price
  20. Avatar
    Always try to buy British - great find
    Why? It's generally not the tastiest lamb.
  21. Avatar
    Buy British, buy meat slaughtered in the right, humane way.
    Buying British doesn't guarantee it's not slaughtered by bacon-averse beardy men...

    Probably around half of it is.
  22. Avatar
    It's curry time
    How would you dice it ?
  23. Avatar
    Thanks for posting OP. Might grab a small piece next time I'm in. I wonder if others will follow suite.
  24. Avatar
    Good price. Hopefully some deals on gammon joints for Xmas will follow soon 
  25. Avatar
    Thanks OP, picked up 3 legs today along with my 'first' click n collect order of Xmas booze, 12 nice bottles at 25% off plus £15 off the total.

    I love this site.
  26. Avatar
    Poor animals.
  27. Avatar
    Lamb is one of those meats which has been increasing quickly in price... More so than beef or chicken.
    Good deal!
    It’s for that reason it’s been off my menu for months
  28. Avatar
    Going to put this here as a reminder. Good deal.
    I'll just park my reminder under your reminder if that's ok.
  29. Avatar
    Finally some good news. Will load up for the winter. not sure why we're importing lamb from new zealand though when we have excellent lamb in Britain.

    You might like paying the extortionate price for the much smaller number of meat sheep in the UK but many people can't.

    Try Waitrose? They're bound to have some, their little feet still clinging to a miniature union jack and the grins on their faces of knowing they had black passports...
  30. Avatar
    Is this Lamb Kosher?
    Deffo the real deal I’d say.
  31. Avatar
  32. Avatar
  33. Avatar
    offer seems to have vanished
    thought it was a bit too good to true
    Same here!
  34. Avatar
    Thanks op I just bought 5 for the freezer.colchester store had about 20 left an hour ago.most £13-£14 
    Did the store you went to have the offer on the British legs of lamb?
  35. Avatar
    Please can someone confirm when Tesco are reducing theirs??
  36. Avatar
    Oos now
    Should be some instores still hopefully
  37. Avatar
    Wasn’t 6.50 per kg in store. £13 
    Plenty of other people have picked them up instore for this price from postings in this thread. Maybe you had old stock still on display before price changed today?
  38. Avatar
    Saying OOS here as well hopefully still be on my delivery in a few hours 🤞
  39. Avatar
    Anyone know if in stock via store?
    says not tracked on stock checker, they probably dont have any lol
  40. Avatar
    OOS online?!
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