Sainsbury's Cast Iron Casserole Dish  5L was £40 now £12 **In store only**

Sainsbury's Cast Iron Casserole Dish 5L was £40 now £12 **In store only**

Found 17th Mar 2014
I just bought one of these in store reduced from £40 to £12 - 70% off! Quality is great and a 10 year guarantee too. Excellent value, been looking for a decent one for ages
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They also have the shallow one for £13.50. Got that in blue! Hot!!
Thanks OP looks like a good all metal construcion, even the handle.

Have you the produce code / scan of your receipt so I know what to look for this evening?

I assume it was not a store specific reduction was the shelf edge label reduced or was it a yellow sticker on the box?
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I posted this a couple of days ago in teal blue. Took a photo of the price tag. If that is any use to anyone looking for it in store.

Got one in Bodmin on Saturday
Thanks op. Heat added
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Cracking price if you can find them for that. I got one last year for £23, and it's very well made and well worth that, never mind £12!
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We still have 8 boxes of the blue and colbolt blue 5L ones at Bretton, Peterborough.
I have tried to edit post with copy of the receipt but cant do this for some reason?

It was reduced by the shelf label and there are lots different ones all reduced the same, so I presume this means it might be national. I posted a direct link via this deal, takes you to the exact one on their website (although this one not reduced), so you should be able to see which one your buying this way

Not this price in mine today, looked at them this morning.

Heat added!
I paid £18 for one about a month back and seems very good.

Not this price in mine today, looked at them this morning.Heat added!

sainsburys seem to find it difficult to be consistent in their pricing. I bought the teal casserole for £9 and the teal griddle pan for £6 at one store (Edinburgh) friend and i got the last ones...... but when I went to a different store to buy some as housewarming gifts they'd not been reduced and assistant said she didn't think they would be anytime soon
I just bought a cream 3l one and a orange 5l one at sainsburys barkingside Ilford. The price was £13.50. Still a bargain IMO
I paid £20 for a 5L teal one of these last week. Excellent pan.
Ooh hope I can get one tomorrow! Thanks op!
lol @ mods. All of a sudden, you question a deal, implying you want proof, and they sanction you!
These are great. I got given a Le Creuset one for Christmas, but still use my Sainsburys ones for every day cooking. At this price they're a steal.
Same price in my local, on end of an aisle not with other cookware.
Are these better than ceramic then?
My ceramic one cracked so wanted cast iron as this is hopefully going to last ages. Plus I can brown the meat etc in it on the hob before it goes in, so no need to use a separate pan. Thats why I wanted one, less washing up!
when i press 'Get Deal' it says £40.
All gone in Telford! Apparently it was a special offer to clear the shelves ready for Mothers Day.
Not in London Colney today, is this price for certain stores?
none on Leicester :-( checked in 2 stores,both have it as £40
Just bought a lovely teal colour one from my local Sainsburys in Biggleswade, they still had 5 teal and 4 blue ones on the shelf. They weren't in the "Home" part of the store where the new Orange & Black ones are still priced at £40. They were on an end at the back of the store.
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Got the last orange one about an hour ago in Clitheroe for £13.50. Other black and orange different shaped ones on shelf priced at £40. Was going to buy a Denby one the other day, Glad I didnt now!
Thanks OP
Picked up one from the Lordshill, Southampton branch. Only one on the shelf so I knew it was mine! Shelf lable said 40.00 with 1/3 off. I took it to the customer services desk to check and it scanned at 12.00.

Thanks to the OP
Brilliant been after one of these for so long.

Picked up a 5ltr blue one in Tadley, Hampshire for £13.50. The orange/black ones were still full price. The blue reduced one was at the end of another row.
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