Sainsbury's Cook's Collection Saute Pan Copper Bottom was £45 now £13.50 (save 70%)

Sainsbury's Cook's Collection Saute Pan Copper Bottom was £45 now £13.50 (save 70%)

Found 24th Jan 2013
Just been into Sainsburys Gosforth High St and found 70% off their copper based saute pans. We've had tesco copper stuff for years and been amazed at the quality.

Other deal shows set of 3 saucepans at 50% offt:…795
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they had a small pan with a glass lid in chapelford warrington £3 too!!!!! and the sets x
Lovely deal but already posted
Great pan, used mine loads

Lovely deal but already posted

The deal already posted was for 50% off the set of 3 pans, I'm now posting 70% off saute pan. Is this not allowed to be posted separately? The other deal only mentions it if you read the comments.
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has anyone found these in the south of the country or is it just in the north .of watford
If you were desperate for one I could go back tomorrow and post, they had about 8 on the shelf.
Just came back from Sainsburys and my local store (Hayes, Lombardy Retail Park) has this at half price still
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Seems like Sainsbury's are reducing the items in the North of the country only to 70% off while the South gets to buy the same thing with only 50% off.
I'd be interested in any of these Sainsbury's 70% off deals have been found in London or surrounding areas. Come on Sainsbury be fair to us all.
Tonbridge branch doing the same 70% off. plenty left
if a store normally stocks these in their normal cookshop range then it will only be 50% off, if they are not normally ranged for these then it will be 70% off.
so find a smallish store to visit.
Thks for the updates and suggestions
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