Sainsburys Dvd Recent Releases On Sale Instore

Sainsburys Dvd Recent Releases On Sale Instore

Found 27th Aug 2012
Just Noticed on the way out of the Sainsbury which i work at a lot of recent releases on sale.
The Ones i remembered were
SafeHouse - £5
Cars 2 - £5
Toy Story 3 - £5
Tintin - £5
Mission Impossible Ghost protocol - £7
Wanderlust - £5
Big Miracle - £5
Paul - £3

They was more but just cant remember

Cars 2 and Safehouse are £5 Online
Cars 2…199


Sorry guys cars 2 has already been posted
- LukeJC94


These aren't part of the sale, they're just in the budget chart.

Original Poster

sorry posted this while half asleep. they might not be in the sale, but there still cheap. cars 2 might have been mentioned the others hadn't. so dont know why its been expired

They had all 3 Alvin + Chipmunks movies on DVD for £3 as well as Rum Diaries

Got wanderlust tonight, watch it and get rid on play for a 50 pence profit, all being well
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