Sainsbury's Easter eggs / chocolate 70% off
Just popped into my local sainburys and it appears they have now increased the reductions on the chocolate from the Easter stock to 70% off
E.g. lindt bunny 200g £1.20
Double decker Easter egg 90p
Lindt bunny 100g 84p
Thornton's hopalot £1.05

There was alot of others available however i was only interested in the lindt


Chafford hundred sainsbury 37p for Malteser Easter egg

Absolutely nothing in Sainsbury Redditch

Sainsbury's own eggs (175g ones) were 30p in Epsom. I bought 2 crates for our youth group...

all gone, it was too late

good find op, heat added

Nothing at all left in my local Tesco/Asda/Sainsburys/Morrisons! But I was able to get a great deal with the Thorntons Deal - fantastic altogether.

Sainsburys Epsom have a pallet of "Easter Egg with Rainbow Buttons" for 30p
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