Sainsbury's Elliptical Strider £39.99

Sainsbury's Elliptical Strider £39.99

Found 8th Feb 2012
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Not in stock!
my order went through, lets see how it is. Cheers OP
Couldn't order on website but did over the phone
Ordered!!! Been trying to find some home gym equipment (cardio) as I have gained few beer belly over the holiday season! Massive heat added! x
Thanks. Managed to get an order through online for tomorrow. Not bad for the price of a football shirt:)
These flimsy ones are fine if you're about 8 stone but i'm 12 stone and i bought a very similar model from argos 2 years ago and they had to replace it after 3 or 4 months because it fell apart(over time the thin metal pedals bend and eventually snap like a cheap spoon) and the one they replaced it only lasted a month or 2 longer.It might be alright if you only use it once in a while but i'd keep the box if i was you.
Just ordered and heat added, thanks.
price now 140 pounds ....
Aye, yesterday was the last day of the sale
Great, my stuff delivered today and already broken after 5 minutes ... Not so happy!….be
Did you put the tension wire into the handlebar correctly?
yepp, i did. Even when we removed all the stuff the resistance was still there, quite a nuisance! Have to send the whole piece back
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