Sainsbury's Fairtrade Dark/Milk Chocolate, Organic 100g @ 69p

Sainsbury's Fairtrade Dark/Milk Chocolate, Organic 100g @ 69p

Found 12th Aug 2008
Both the Dark and Milk Chocolate 100g bars have 70p off. Either munch as a snack or add them to chocolate cake recipes.


Bargain. Nice find thank you.may pop down later and grab some.

Had some of this the other day when I saw it cheap. It's quite nice, wouldn't say it was different to anything else. It's also only about as thick as an After Eight mint, so don't expect big chunks! :lol:

I loved the dark chocolate as it wasent to bitter infact it was one of the best ive had
the milk choco tastes like a galaxy bar clone

How can I resist. Hot.

I'm going to end up a chubby hubby at this rate!

This chocolate is very nice - if you're into Dairy Milk, you won't appreciate it - but it's been at this price before and we stocked up on it.... the dark chocolate is also excellent for cooking with.

mmm might sneak a few in the trolley with the Carlsberg!!


It's nice stuff. I bought one, tried it and bought another two! Cheers!
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