Sainsburys FRESH bread reduced - from 75p instore

Sainsburys FRESH bread reduced - from 75p instore

LocalFound 3rd Mar
Many stores are suffering bread and milk shortages due to bad weather. But have no fear!! Sainsburys Arnold is here!! Sainsburys arnold has baked more than double the amount of fresh bread to make up for the lack of sliced bread on shelves. Bread can also be sliced medium and thick slices!

Large loafs £1.10
Small Loafs 75p
TTD Large Loafs 1.25
TTD Small Loafs 90p
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Who is this Arnold fella?Guessing he is a baker who gets a bit too carried away
So you work in that stores bakery? This a joke post?!
Is this a deal ?
Everybody,get to the chopper!
Guess we still have a load of stupidity going on when there's a couple of inches of snow...
Kinda a joke post in a sense. No i dont work there. Just that no shop ive been to in the area has no sliced bread because of shortages and no milk too. Just though it would be usefull to know
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