Sainsburys fuel for less -savings (petrol and diesel) - spend £40 on groceries you get a voucher for 2p off a litre of fuel

Sainsburys fuel for less -savings (petrol and diesel) - spend £40 on groceries you get a voucher for 2p off a litre of fuel

Found 31st Aug 2014
Not sure if this has already been posted but I got a voucher today with my Groceries from Sainsbury's which gives money off fuel at Sainsbury's filling stations. It is linked to your Nectar card and it seems if you spend over £40 on groceries you get a voucher for 2p off a litre of fuel. You can chose to redeem the voucher or scan it next time you shop to accumulate more savings. if you spend a further £40 next time you shop you get another 2p per litre added to the savings, spend £80 and 4p per litre saving is added etc. I guess this is Sainsbury's answer to the Tesco fuel saving scheme. Not sure if this is national or a pilot scheme, it seems less straightforward than the tesco deal because you need to scan the coupon and the loyalty card to notch up additional savings. Maybe other people understand this better than I do but I thought I'd post it in case people just throw away the vouchers printed at Sainsbury's checkout and missed the deal.
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we had 18p off a litre at tesco last month, made sure my car was sucking fumes before I collected on that one.
Voucher I got yesterday was spend £40 on four occasions in September and get 3000 necter points which I think equates to £15. Voucher has no barcode so nothing to scan, presume it will just activate on forth spend. May be different vouchers for different people? Wouldn't mind 3000 points and 8p off a litre
2p is a bit stingy, that's £1.40 off a full tank for me.
Scottymelotty - yep I was thinking maybe a targeted thing linked to nectar. I can't find anything online about the fuel for less deal that I got so maybe they are trying out different promotions for different nectar card holders to see which work best. I didn't get any vouchers about extra points for 4 x £40 spends in September like the one you got. Interesting!
i dont think this is neither a great deal nor a good saving.

Because it is foolish to go and spend £40 for this voucher.
Only a deal for those who
1. Anyway spending £40 in sainsburys PLUS
2. Need to fill up the tank...

even if a tank can take 50 liters of fuel saving would hardly be a £1....which sainsburys will be more than happy to give back if you're spending £40 in store......which will be just 2.5% of give away from sains.....
Might be certain areas only - I didn't receive a voucher today when I spent over £40 , although I got lots of other useless till "spit-outs"!
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M_z - I think it is cumulative so you get 2p per litre saving per £40 spend but you can save up the savings to a maximum of 25p per litre. Unlike Tesco it doesn't seem to clock up small spends to count towards a £40 spend, I think you have to spend £40, or multiples of £40 in one transaction to collect each 2p saving. As I said in my original post there maybe others who know more about how the deal works I've just seen it today.
2p X) Really X)
If this makes anyone do their shopping in sainsbobs they deserve to have their pants dropped and be given a damned good spanking
Most families use a supermarket and will spend over £40 a week. Agreed it will not entice people in, but it's better than nothing
So they're making you spend £40 just to then get a coupon which will take the price down to what Asda charge per litre already?
They also have the cheek to rip you off on their own brand goods instore. Hot if there's no Asda or Tesco nearby though.
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