Sainsburys - Gold plate scart 3m £1.99 from £7.99... 75% off

Sainsburys - Gold plate scart 3m £1.99 from £7.99... 75% off

Found 27th Aug 2010
Vivanco Essentials gold scart.

Just popped into my local Sainsburys and picked one of these up (Taunton, Somerset). Always good to have a scart with some extra length.
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Damn, beat me to this post, just picked one up in my local. Great deal
as you can probably see (or not ) from the picture above they have indoor aerials from £9.99 to £2.49... but to be honest indoor aerials are pants so I thought I would mention it here rather than list separately.
Do people still use scart cables? I haven't seen one actually in someone's home in at least 4 years..

There's a 3m Gold HDMI cable for £3.99 as well.

cool... hadn't spotted that.

There's a 3m Gold HDMI cable for £3.99 as well.

Well known auction can save you a pound and a few pennies...
HDMI 2.5m cable £1.99 @ Amazon free delivery also
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Gold makes no discernible to SCART connectors and makes no difference at all to HDMI, just buy the cheapest available, expensive connectors are one of the largest consumer cons ever.…ts/
What's a scart lead? :P
Went through at £1, to my surprise.

Sadly, only overall screened. Good value for 3m/£1, though.

If someone's got a deal on true individually-screened SCART leads (i.e. with mini-coax inside for RGB, Composite In/out and audio), I'm all ears... I think the Pro-Signal PSG00321 to PSG00326 range from CPC/Farnell might be, but I could do with confirmation from someone who's actually opened theirs up.
I record from cable TV to DVD using a scart because that is the only option available. Also the set top box is connected to the TV via scart because that's the only option the STB has.
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