Sainsburys Half Price 12 months Groceries Delivery Saver

Sainsburys Half Price 12 months Groceries Delivery Saver

Found 24th Sep 2015
12 months Anytime Grocery delivery £30 (was £60)

12 months Midweek Grocery delivery £15 (was £30)

Offer on until 2nd October 2015
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Good deal, can't seem to add on to my current saver plan, might get in touch, has anyone successfully extended their plan with this offer? Ours finishes in Jan, so not long to go really.

Free kids pizza this week if you look on the grocery home page, well, says free but they only took off £1.47 for a £1.50 pizza lol.
Thank you I missed out the last time.
Asda is currently half price too, for it anytime deals: £30 for 12 months. Until end of September I think.

Just need Tesco to follow suit, as I refused to renew last week at full price....
are they all minimum £40 spend now?
Asda are always on Watchdog so thats put me off them but might give Sainsburys a go
have tried them all,,, tesco are no longer delivering to my village, ''economic reasons'' apparently, not sure if its part of the cutbacks, sainsburys are a waste of space not a good experience with them but asda arrive on time and do honour the offers even with the subsstitutes, so cold from me,, staying with asda
Thanks OP, ordered - can't go wrong for £15
Me too for Tesco, mine ran out last week too, half price though and I'll sign back up.

I cannot stand Asda - always short coded items plus you need to watch the receipt like a hawk - and they know it too judging by the easiness for requesting a refund online (just hope you never have to phone their faraway call centre....), only get them when we really have to (example - kids yoghurts, online says 7+ days (in reality 2 weeks plus on the shelf if you look hard enough, so 7 days must be the minimum they expect to give you), arrives with use by of 2 or 3 days later. Stuff that.).
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Thanks Going to buy the midweek one! Good price!

grandad50 Sainsbury's are miles better than Asda. You only have to spend £25 for a home delivery and the drivers will take your shopping into your kitchen for you if you wish. They brand match against Asda too.
Must be crazy to use sainsburys delivery vouchers your order may not arrive if you include spirits. Like my order did not arrive today and i was not informed until 35 minutes into my 1 hour delivery slots.
Put an order in to be delivered 12 to 1. Rush home at dinner to be rang at 12:35 on a worksop number informing me that my order was flagged as dangerous. I ordered 4 1litre bottles of russian standard and 18 pounds worth of meat and chicken. I used the offer and everything was fine until 12.35 on the slot of delivery. Now i find this absolutely disgusting customer service and i feel i have been treated with contempt.
So hukd and sainsburys can offer these voucher codes but you will not know if your order will arrive until the hour of your delivery slot. This is downright disgusting. This was my first shop with sainsburys and my last. Think twice before you sign up and use a voucher and rush home for your delivery slot as your order can be refused if sainsbury is not making a profit on your order. No great deals afterall.
My tesco delivery pass has also expired, has anyone had any success with getting tesco to price match with sainsburys?
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