Sainsbury's Italian 10" Pizzas £1.79

Sainsbury's Italian 10" Pizzas £1.79

Found 31st Dec 2010Made hot 2nd Jan 2010
Half Price now £1.79

Sainsbury's Italian Chicken & Bacon 10" Pizza 339g
Sainsbury's Italian Ham & Pineapple 10" Pizza 364g
Sainsbury's Italian Margherita 10" Pizza 337g
Sainsbury's Italian Pepperoni 10" Pizza 367g


I bought a few pizzas in my time, the last one I bought of these had an incredly uncooked base. I ended up cooking for about 60% longer than I should have and it was still a bit doughy even though the rest of it was well and truly toasted. The topping was pretty poor too. The 12" versions are a bit better.

Voted hot though, as my experience was probably limited to the batch and what do you expect for this price?
Edited by: "CountFilth" 31st Dec 2010

mmm chicken and bacon

I prefer Aldi's 12" stonebaked chilled pizza, it costs £1.99 all year around and the dough tastes nicer IMO.
Edited by: "SUMMONER" 31st Dec 2010

YUM! Good deal!

They usually manage to exclude the chicken & bacon variety from these deals, so nice to see it included here.


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