Sainsbury's January Sale (online)
Sainsbury's January Sale (online)

Sainsbury's January Sale (online)

...loads of homeware & electrical sale items available.


50 pencils for £1.29?? thats dirt cheap

lot of the stuff overpriced before you start not giving much away better deals in store

load of tat


Interesting that its hot.

nothing worth buying

What a load of poo !!


What a load of poo !!

Have to agree, I'm afraid!..no idea why this is voted so hot!

I was instore before christmas & bought a Breville JK120 kettle for £31.99. It has a Brita water filter system. This model is discontinued I think & replaced by a JK121 which is brushed aluminum rather than silver. Current model retails for £39.99
Thought this was a reasonable deal as it's the same product just a different shade.

The duvets are half-price in-store, ~£8 for double-bed.

We bought a few bits:
Dinner Sets - 9.99
3 lunch boxes - 2.99
sony bravia - 349.99
lcd tv bracket - 9.99
Tea towels - 3.99
kitchen utensils - 3.99 or 4.99
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