Sainsbury's Pineapple Pieces in juice  ONLY 13p !

Sainsbury's Pineapple Pieces in juice ONLY 13p !

Found 3rd Jan 2009Made hot 3rd Jan 2009
online and instore - tin of pineapple pieces 13p!


It's really pot luck with Sainsbury's Basics products: sometimes they are decent enough at other times they are truly sh*te.

I am not voting either way.


Hot! Now wheres that basics cheese and basics cocktail sticks....

Oh,those cheese and pineapple hedgehogs-such fond memories............

They have been this price for months!

+1 for pineapple and cheese on a stick - the ultimate retro party food!

Good price, heat!

Has pineapple wars started, will/has Tesco copied??

Like the other poster said, basic range from Sainsburys is a bit of hit and miss. Some of them are truly awfull items being packaged and sold.

I like the Basic tea bags 80 for 28p. Tesco or Asda Basic teabags are pants.
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