Sainsbury's Premium Blend Coffee 454g £1.87
Sainsbury's Premium Blend Coffee 454g £1.87

Sainsbury's Premium Blend Coffee 454g £1.87

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Half Price!
These are the large 454g packets not the smaller 227g packets.
Works out to just £0.41/100g.
The best before date is AUG 2010 so stock up now while it's cheap!
£1.87 offer appies to:
Premium Fairtrade Ground Coffee 454g (for Cafetiere)
Premium Blend Fairtrade Ground Coffee 454g (for espresso and filter machines)
Continental Style Fairtrade Ground Coffee 454g


CORRECTION Information below about phasing out is totally wrong - saw them in my store tonight... guess I've just never noticed! Great deal.

Other than online, this might be store specific as I remember them trying to get rid of these 6 months ago (I stocked up!). I've only ever seen the 227g ones since.

I drink the Premium Fairtrade Ground Coffee in a cafetiere regularly and it's quite good.

It is a shame that they do not do coffee bens on such a discount as it would work in the Aldi grinder and coffee maker that I bought today from the tip on this site.

It makes gret coffee. It also does preground coffee so I may buy some of this stuff as well.

A little publicised fact.

Coffe does not go off after 14 days if you seal it and put it in the freezer it can last months.

Also tea does not go off for years, they just send unsold stuff back to the factory to be repackaged with a new sell buy date.

Anything that makes us bin supposedly off coffee/tea and buy some more. Saved a fortune since a coffee expert told me these facts.:whistling:


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