Sainsburys - school uniform reduced to £1 instore

Sainsburys - school uniform reduced to £1 instore

Found 8th Sep 2009
My local Sainsburys have now reduced their school uniform - 3 white shirts £1, 3 polo shirts £1, two pairs of boys' trousers £2, pumps £1, 2 pack of tights £1. Shoes reduced too but I forgot to check the price.


bit late as most schools have already started but still a good deal to get some spares.

cheaper to buy than wash old ones

thanks, will have a look at mine tonight, wont hurt to get the next size up :thumbsup:

Thanks for that. Any sign of a sale in kid's clothing dept.I believe ladies sale starts today?


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Mine are still full price

Selby store

Will keep an eye out though, their polo's are really nice


Sheffield, Crystal Peaks were still full price yesterday but to be fair 2 x boys trousers for £5 and 3 x white polo shirts for £2 you can't really complain :-)

Great post thanks. picked up a couple of items in Fareham Sainsburys but nearly all items gone so drove to Hedge End Southampton where they were all full price. Queried it with the manager who said only sainsburys that do not regulary sell school clothes will have this offer on.
3 school shirts for 1.00 and school shoes for £2 is fantastic, thankyou.

Hi great post but still full price at the cambridge one never mind

childrens sale starts thursday and mens next tuesday 15th it will be 1/3 off.

The school uniform for a pound is only in stores that don't normally sell clothing, and only sell selected items in their seasonal department

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Thanks for that info, bluetiger - worth knowing to avoid wasted trips. Ours does not normally sell clothes so it would explain why the reductions are not nationwide.
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