Sainsbury's Seriously Chocolatey Cake - Save 50% was £5.49 now £2.74

Sainsbury's Seriously Chocolatey Cake - Save 50% was £5.49 now £2.74

Found 8th Jan 2009Made hot 8th Jan 2009

Covered and filled with chocolate ganache buttercream and hand decorated with chocolate decorations.

One slice of this cake provides...

cal 284, fat 15.7g, sat fat 5.8g, salt 0.22g, total sugars 23.7g.

Serves 10.



Serves 10.

Not if I'm in the room.


Serves 10.Not if I'm in the room.

Lmao! me too!:-D

I do want one but, at the same time, I don't want to get out of bed.

nothing more with chocolate in please!!!

Mmm, I am on my way to get one of these

Ditto that looks delish!!....Servesr 10...... or 1 of me!! LOL

what a way to start the new year diet, and to make more tempting its half price!

Why so serious?


mmmmm gotta get me some of that

Eat the whole cake in one sitting and thats you calorie intake for a day and a half


saw this today in my local store - was tempted, but resisted!!

definately a HOT find!

Yes, got one of these ready for my birthday yummy

oooh is my eldests b'day next weekend and he'll love that - saves me making a cake!


Sounds and looks lovely

Good deal... but seriously check the fat content out.... eat with caution!!

:thumbsup: fab cake got one for my daughters birthday, yesterday, never served 10 only 4 of us,really lovely cake generous portions in my house:whistling:

i always do chuckle at the serving suggestion amount :giggle:

I've had one of these before, and they are GREAT !

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all chocoholics ! :w00t:
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