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Posted 1 December 2022

Unsmoked Dry Cured British Bacon Medallions, Taste the Difference x8 160g 99p instore @ Sainsbury's (Redhill)

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I just noticed these in the Redhill branch of Sainsbury's. I had a look online and they're the same price, so presumably it must be national. Same price for both smoked and unsmoked.


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Unsmoked, dry cured, air dried, bacon medallions. Made using only outdoor bred British Pork. Inspired by the original recipe of The Jack Scaife family of butchers

Our Taste the Difference bacon medallions are made with extra trimmed outdoor bred British pork and our signature sea salt cure, based on a family recipe handed down through three generations. It is hand cured then carefully air dried for a rich flavour... that's why you can taste the difference

British Pork, Sea Salt, Sugar, Preservatives: Sodium Nitrite, Sodium Nitrate; Antioxidant: Sodium Ascorbate.

  • Produced using 105g of pork per 100g of finished product
  • Packaged in a protective atmosphere
  • This pack contains 4 servings

Dry Cured

The outdoor bred pork in this product comes from producers inspected to RSPCA welfare standards by the RSPCA's independently certified farm assurance scheme. For more information visit rspcaassured.org.uk/sai…rys.

Our pigs are born outdoors and after weaning are moved inside to be reared in straw bedded barns.

Preparation and Safety

Cooking instructions: Grill

  • Before cooking: Preheat grill to a medium heat.
  • Place the rashers on the grill pan.
  • During cooking: Cook for 5 mins, turning occasionally.
  • After cooking: Check food is piping hot throughout and juices run clear.
  • All cooking appliances vary.
  • This is a guide only.

Cooking instructions: Shallow Fry
  • To shallow fry from chilled.
  • Before cooking: Heat a teaspoon of oil in a frying pan to a medium heat.
  • Once oil is hot add the bacon rashers. During cooking: Cook for 5 mins, turning occasionally.
  • After cooking: Check food is piping hot throughout and juices run clear.
  • All cooking appliances vary.
  • This is a guide only.

  • This product is not suitable for rare cooking.
  • Do not undercook raw meat.
  • Keep raw meat separate from cooked foods.
  • Use separate kitchen utensils and surfaces for raw meat and cooked foods or wash them thoroughly between use.
  • Wash hands after handling raw meat. Raw meat may contain organisms hazardous to health.
  • Cook thoroughly until piping hot throughout and the juices run clear.
  • If not fully cooked in accordance with the instructions harmful bacteria may remain.

Country of Origin
Packed in United Kingdom, using pork from the UK


For use by date: see front of pack. Keep refrigerated. Once opened, use within 5 days and do not exceed the use by date. For optimum freshness once opened, ensure the bacon is well wrapped to avoid discolouration and drying out.

For best quality, freeze as soon as possible after purchase and always within the use by date. Once frozen use within 2 months.

Defrost thoroughly and use within 24 hours. Do not refreeze once defrosted.

Useful Links
Store Locator stores.sainsburys.co.uk/
Help Centre help.sainsburys.co.uk/help
Sainsbury's More details at Sainsbury's

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  1. Avatar
    Same price in Sunderland (Silksworth), smoked and unsmoked, long date too.
    Oh yeah I forgot to mention they've got a good date on them, 20th/22nd December. Not that they'll last that long, I think one pack should be just enough for a decent sandwich
  2. Avatar
    Cheap because the streaky part is going for pigs in blankets
    Well jokes on them, I’m going to wrap this around my full sized sausage for Xmas dinner.
  3. Avatar
    I don't doubt these are good or anything... But I'd like to know where burger vans get their bacon from.

    I've tried looking for proper THICK bacon like from a burger van everywhere, tried all the supermarkets all my local butchers and farm shops and I have never been able to find the sort of bacon you get at a burger van.

    Very random I know, but please help 😁
    Any butcher that cut their own bacon will cut to your chose thickness. I used to use the CO-OP.
  4. Avatar
    Where’s the best place to buy “decent “ bacon from? Locally I’ve got Asda and Lidl with ALDI, Tesco’s, farmfoods not to far away. But then Mark’s and Spencer a bit further! I’ve been told Marks the best but have to pay a bit of a premium!? I’m also near the “famous “ Bury Market for various butchers but I and my parents thought that it’s quite poor quality wise! Thanks in advance!
    I don't know if you have access to a Booker Wholesale. They do good quality bacon and its not too expensive.
  5. Avatar
    Great saving! RRP is a bit high for a bit of bacon though isn't it?! You don't even get the whole slice!
    They've cut the good bit off!
  6. Avatar
    £3.40 in my Sainsbury's. Boooooooo 48897196-ZY1p5.jpg
    None here either, I’m in Northern Ireland....
  7. Avatar
    How'd you work that out?
  8. Avatar
    99p in ours so looks to be quite national.
  9. Avatar
    I guess you can freeze them, will be handy for putting carbonara and stuff
  10. Avatar
    Been looking for middle bacon but can't find it anywhere, back bacon skrinks to nothing
    Just avoid front bacon
  11. Avatar
    Anyone know when this expires lol

  12. Avatar
    got some, but thinking that after it put it on the fryer it will shrink to a peanut. So much for shrinfkation and we think we are getting a decent deal here lol.
  13. Avatar
    Well they just said no.        TIMEWASTERS
  14. Avatar
    I always feel i need 4 bits when its medallions, just feels like such a loss without the tail lol
  15. Avatar
    I can feel the heartburn already
  16. Avatar
    Just home from Sainsbury shop.
  17. Avatar
    No Sainsbury’s near but heat added
  18. Avatar
    Prosciutto also 99p but for weeks already
  19. Avatar
    Offer was in Eltham, London - but no stock of the smoked version on the shelves, and hardly any of the non smoked
  20. Avatar
    Just got back from Brentwood Sainsbury’s and was going to post this. Sorry everyone there were 8 packs of unsmoked in Brentwood and I bought all of them. I didn’t notice smoked but that could simply be because I don’t like smoked bacon so didn’t look. Hopefully these won’t shrink too much as dry cured and No added water, which is what causes a lot of the shrinkage. 
  21. Avatar
    Let's not forget that the beautifully described medallions are actually dead baby pig!
    Doubt it. They will use fully grown pigs.
  22. Avatar
    Looks to be finished as it's back to full price online. Couldn't find in my local medium/large sized store anyway when I looked on Sunday but didn't get to check anywhere else.