Sainsburys & Tesco: De Cecco pasta £1.00 for 500g

Sainsburys & Tesco: De Cecco pasta £1.00 for 500g

Found 4th Jun 2014
This is a very high quality, dried pasta.All varieties on sale. Down for £1.55.

Deal ends 17th June
- rubberbullets
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Good price , personally i think the napolina bronzed dyed pasta is better quality and has a more fresh pasta taste to it
To my tastebuds (and those of the rest of the family), De Cecco is the best dried pasta available over here. Heat added.
I am also a big fan of this it is fairly regularly this price and I stock up.

At this price it really is not much more expensive than other brands but the quality is so much better for the small price increase that I really do not see a reason to buy inferior products.

On a side note I prefer this to fresh pasta and certainly over what most of the supermarkets sell as fresh pasta,
I have cupboards full. Started buying this when I was working in Barcelona 20 years ago as it was the choice of the Italians that I worked with who thought that it was the best brand (the boss had lived 25 years in Milan). I certainly agree with them. Can also be frozen when cooked.
The De Cecco spaghetti are truly superior and considered so even in Italy.
Personally I can't taste any difference between the rest of De Cecco pasta and other brands, but the spaghetti are the bee's knees
s'all bout texture
as fro people commenting on taste - perhaps shouldn't take recommendations from B+H smokers
DeCecco is the bees knees! Closest thing to fresh I can find over here, and I love pasta, so i xan tell the difference. The fusilli spirals are bigger and hold their texture and shape better than anything else. I've just ordered some Garofalli Fusilli Linguini for all the approaching summer salads. Yummers!
It's the pasta they use at ASK restaurant

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