sainsburys toy sale starts wednesday

sainsburys toy sale starts wednesday

Found 22nd Oct 2012
sainsburys toy sale starts wednesday. don't know how long for. but be quick. last years when i was there was mad busy !!
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Been kind of looking forward to this.
is it online too?
The cheap Lego always sells out first.
yeah but its not as good as usual (reading another post) -it used to be 50% off now its up to 50% off
Is it in stores only, or will it be online too?
apparently (not 100% sure) they said online aswell but cant see anything on the website to confirm that??
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last year was mad ... people had trolleys full (one women had 2 trolley full of toys) at 7:15 in the morning !
Yes it should be online. Sale will go live around midnight.
isit that good?
ill keep an eye out
always thought it was the last thursday in october???
If I remember from last yr. I waited until gone midnight for the online sale to start and it didn't! they seemed to put bits on in dribs and drabs
my sainsburys ( upton on the wirral ) have confirmed starts 7am wednesday 24th october. wonder if its gonna be as mad as last years toy sale lol
Sainsburys Stirling all set up for sale.
Loads of Lego Ninjago
Lego Friends Camper Van... this was all the Lego on the sale stands, though obviously not reduced yet.
Monster High dolls
Polly Pocket large set
Lots of baby/ toddler stuff
Lots of lesser known brand stuff has appeared, ready for the sale. Such as big cars/ trucks which are usually in Asda's 2 for £20.
whooopp any 1 know if the sale goes live at 12 midnight online,and if u put it in u basket will it stay there till the sale ....and is it half price or upto half price
My friend knows the mamager in my local Sainsbury's and he has said sale starts 25th October......which is Thurs!!!!
The toy offers start this year on Wednesday, 24th October and will run for two weeks. The offers start at 25% off, one third off and some will be at 50% off. Some will also be available online. Hope this helps.
Would this include scooters?
Bet you the lego will be 25% off, so not that great as you can get RRP less 25% if you search around.
Nothing better than watching milfs fighting over toys in sainsburys
Can't wait for all the individual posts on the toys
Toy sale defo starts on Wednesday ...I work there lol..
Thanks for the post. It did always used to start on a Thursday so they must have changed it this year...

it wont be like in previous years - the buyers havent bought in volumes on top toys for a sale. it will be a clearance on lower price lines to make way for Xmas
I think i will go in tonight and hide a bunch of stuff and hope its on offer in the morning .
I was wondering when this would happen.

This is a riotevery year, but lots of fun, get your Doc Marten's on and join the Mosh Pit!
I read a post elsewhere, and in some regions may start week after to go with half term- anyone else heard this as our half term isn't till next week here
will the sale go live online tonite or at 7 in morning
Last years thread makes for interesting reading.
4:30 AM queues, shoppers spending hundreds etc…874
Staff discount increases to 15% from this Thursday too
Oohh didn't know that one lol...cheers..
No it's not clearence lines that goes on sale our warehouse if full of new
stuff that's came in :-)
so is it UPTO 50% off or the normal FULL 50% off?
Anyone who works there know if the barbie train to trot is instore aswell as online?
cheers OP. I'm shopping tomorrow anyway! so just up to 50% off now then?
Up to 50% not everything will be that I don't think ...I'm not in that dept...:-)

Up to 50% not everything will be that I don't think ...I'm not in that … Up to 50% not everything will be that I don't think ...I'm not in that dept...:-)

Thank you Not worth getting up for then xx
I wonder if any of the Lego friends stuff will be reduced my daughter has asked Santa for some.
how longs the higher staff discount for anyone know?
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