sainsburys turkey dinner dog food - 10p!

sainsburys turkey dinner dog food - 10p!

Found 9th Jan
sainsbury's delicious collection turkey dinner scanning at 10p! found in sainsburys aylesford, not sure if national but maybe worth checking your local if passing.


Little rover will enjoy the delicious collection range

And me on my toast.... with a little cranberry of course

great price if you can find any. My dog had this for Christmas dinner and loved it!

how many calories ?...the wife's just started her diet oO

good find op, heat added

Hotukdealers will eat anything to save a couple of pence.

They could slap any flavour on a dog food tin, who's gonna taste it to test it X)

Dog food - WOW and BOW WOW

Is it turkey or is it dog? Can you taste the dog?
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