Sainsbury's UHT Milk, Whole, Carton 1L From 87p down to 19p
Sainsbury's UHT Milk, Whole, Carton 1L From 87p down to 19p

Sainsbury's UHT Milk, Whole, Carton 1L From 87p down to 19p

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Just went to my local small Sainbury store and brought a carton, haven't tried it yet but thought it was quite a good deal. It's not avaliable online, so I think it's instore only. Also, I know it says £0.67 online but in our local store its £0.87. Hope its a useful deal for some!


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Unfortunately I don't know how to add pictures, so if you want a picture of the product look at my avatar


Still in the original packaging!!!


DId you happen to notice if they have UHT totally skimmed too?

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Thanks for posting! I checked and I'm afraid they only had the whole milk ones reduced.

Could someone give us a shout if it is national or a local deal. Dankie.

I like whole milk, will check it tomorrow ^_^

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Thanks for checking, hope its a national thing because its cheaper than other supermarket stores which are selling theirs for 67p.

Also, does anyone know how I can put an image of the product on?


Hot! I like UHT milk better!
About adding pictures, right click your mouse and choose "copy image link" and paste it, job done.

excellent.. heat added


excellent.. heat added

Pun intended?

"You'd better get going, actually. Milk gets sour y'know. Unless it's UHT milk, but there's no demand for that because it's SHlTE."

There's something about the idea of keeping warm milk in a cupboard that I find distasteful

longlife semi skimmed at iceland -- 4 litres for on 2 quid, if that's useful to anyone...

Good in cooking - not so sure about everyday use....

just made a special trip as I would of purchased alot of this.Only to find still t regulary price so voting this post cold.

However they did have Candida Milk same isle on 3 for 2 so around £1.46 for 3 litres and organic long life Moo make was 45p per litre

I like long life milk tastes fine.Nicest in coffee

I remember the Father Ted episode where the young priest Father Dougal stood in for the milkman one day. The milkman said during his training "we've also got UHT but there's no call for that cos it's *****."

Apologies to spacemanzx

Interesting to see that the swearword filter misses words if they are in uppercase.

Not at this price in Norwich Pound Lane store

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I tried it yesterday and it tasted like normal fresh milk. So I stocked up today and brought 12 cartons. Sorry its not avaliable in other stores!
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