Sainsburys up to half price toy sale starts 22nd october *confirmed* in store only

Sainsburys up to half price toy sale starts 22nd october *confirmed* in store only

Found 8th Oct 2014
As the total says the sainsburys up to half price sale starts on the 22nd of October at 8am they should be some fab bargains x
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Wasn't so super last year. Previous years was very good with all toys in the sale. Last year was small amounts off good toy brands and 50% off thee own cheap and nasty stuff. Can't see it being any better this year.
Afraid i totally agree but will save money for sone the first year was the best
Agreed, two years ago I got loads for my son and family. Last year I think I got 1 thing as it wasn't really much of a saving x
maybe sainsburys had to stop the half price on everything toy sale because it was like people with road rage but out of cars.dangerous specially young mums.i seen it.
I got loads last year, don't seem to be able to shop online for toys at Sainsburys any more though shame as can't always get there on the day. Seems a bit silly to stop online sales especially at this time of the year will lose out to other stores who still have toy shopping online.
thanks for sharing
Thank you for posting another date in my diary xx
last year i picked up some amazing bargains with 70% off a week after the sale started so will be hoping for the same again this year :-)
Rubbish last year 20% off top branded toys and their own branded toys 50% off
Exciting, I love visiting sainsburys they seem to have good sales on certain toys throughout the year...sometime I wonder if they know the value of what they actually are selling. I hunted high and low 2 years ago for a quinjet my little boy was desperate for (around £30 in most places but oos) amazon ebay were looking at silly prices it was impossible to get...walked in to sainsburys one day and it was on sale for £3!
Was wondering when it was on, thanks for the heads up!! X
its a half price sale i didnt know about. isnt that what this site is about? sharing deals??

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Heat added been saving my pennies' for this got so much last yr as have 3 big stores near i do one after the other
It's always good to know about this, been saving our Nectar points for the year so effectively this is free toys for Christmas
Bit miffed last year bought stuff at 50% off then it was 70% off the following week!
Really hope some of the vtech toot toot is included!

Bit miffed last year bought stuff at 50% off then it was 70% off the … Bit miffed last year bought stuff at 50% off then it was 70% off the following week!

i re-purchased and returned using the original receipt

i re-purchased and returned using the original receipt

Is it... Martin savvy shopper you
It's "UP TO 50%" off because they lose a lot of money putting everything half price. And you could say "don't they make enough money" but at the end of the day they are a business and need to make money
Cheers for that heat added :-) shame it's not the same as it use to be but then again nothing is these days but still some bargains to be robbed ;-)
Thanks for sharing. I love this event, branded toys may not have much discounted but I'm more than happy with their own branded toys.

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Tesco has just launched a toy sale in stores and on their website. I was in Cheshunt today and they had a huge variety of brands all on some great offers, would advise taking a look,
sainsburys toy sale is the official start to Christmas in this house!
was so much better when all toys were half price.
Unusual its not in half term this year. Last years sale was rubish though.
Strange it's always the half term what makes people think it's earlier this year? The link doesn't go anywhere that confirms a date of 22october could I please ask how we know that is this years date
This is last year's date! There isn't a date for this year's yet. I work in a large sainsburys and no one has been told a date yet!
yeah ive been poking at the source it came from and it was officially posted that it was that date ...
Excellent, I was hoping they would do this again. Got loads last year, but not sure they have as much now little one is getting a bit older - their own stuff (which is really nice) only seems to be aimed at little ones then sort of tails off...... Worth a look tho :-)
is the date the 22nd October usually its in the half term hols that means this year it wont be
it was not @ half term last year
I know managet at nearest store and she has confirmed this evening that it will be 22nd October.
My store opens at 7 am and it will start then..not 8am like stated..
Mine was stocking upon all the stuff theyhave brought specially in for this offer. Will skip this one and wait for black friday week on amazon and the stores
Is it in store only?
Up to half price and at the end of the sale some 70% of so dont know why some people are miffed at that theu have to het rid of the stock and most of it is brought in just for the sale
I was in my nearest branch with toys 16 miles away and they had nothing on the shelf I needed for the kids so won't bother going over if its only in store. But good for people who want the toys they stock. Not a great selection of Lego Chima!
*updated can now confirm date andnhave seen price nothing to get too excited abot * only in store too.
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Are the prices no good then? I work in sainsburys but I obviously took the wrong week off
Depends what people are looking for have noticed a couple of things are no diffrent to normal price even though shows a third off lego has 25% off
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