Sainsbury's Vanilla Bean & Honey Smoothie £0.99

Sainsbury's Vanilla Bean & Honey Smoothie £0.99

Found 16th Jun 2009
Silky smooth wholemilk yogurt blended with rich vanilla beans and golden Argentinean honey.

We say: Yogurt smoothies are the halfway house between food and drink. They fill that low-blood-sugar gap that occurs in the late afternoon and taste delicious to boot. This drink is perfect for a Leave me alone Im having a moment comfort indulgence and should not be shared, even with ones supposed life partner. Requests for sharing will likely be met with glaring and possibly violence as you defend this ambrosia of a yogurt smoothie.

When Sainsburys says their smoothies are silky smooth they arent kidding - if this smoothie was a human it would be the king of cool, hanging out in swank lounges and chilling with all of the fine ladies. Before you know it youll be at the bottom of the bottle wondering what happened to all of that deliciousness. Of course, when we got to that point we had a momentary lapse of sanity and considered pulling out a pair of scissors and cutting apart the entire bottle to lick out every last drop. Yes, were that desperate.

As an added bonus, Sainsburys went the natural route, using the simple ingredients of whole milk yogurt, apple juice (for natural sweetening and thinning the yoghurt), Argentinean honey, vanilla extract, vanilla beans.

Were not sure why they needed to point out that the honey was from Argentina because it wasnt sexy or dressed as a bullfighter. So, does provenance make any sort of difference? The non-Argentinean vanilla provides subtle but still strong flavor, combining with the South American honey to give this a comfort food factor of 10. At 246 calories, the size of a diet microwave meal, this is an unfortunately hefty drink, but thats what we get for enjoying something so unbelievably creamy.
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that is some writeup.....

voted hot for the sheer **** of it.
Have some heat!
The OP works for them I'm guessing..:roll:
copy & paste from sainsburys website lol :whistling:
If the smoothie was a human? I always love those questions on questionnaires:

"If this company was a human how would you describe it?"
I think all smoothies are well over priced, this is what I would expect to pay for a bottle of yogurt milk and a ****-squirt of honey.
couldnt find this in our local sainsburys, they only had a sainsburys mango smoothie :?

Instead i picked up a new innocent kiwi, apple and something else drink, 2L for £2, the 250ml of the same drink was £1.60 odd?!

copy & paste from sainsburys website lol :whistling:

If so then whoever runs their website needs to learn how to use apostrophes!!
Voted cold.

The write up alone is enough to make anyone puke.
I want to buy into the dream :whistling:
They need to come up with new tripe to sell, to keep interest and outdo the competitors. The chocolate manufacturers have been doing it for years. Just a bunch of marketing conmen trying it on.
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