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Sainsbury’s Bank mortgage: Two-year fix at 2.10%, no fee, available up to 90% LTV, up to £400 in shopping vouchers in two years
Refreshed 27th JulRefreshed 27th Jul
Sainsbury’s has got a great mortgage deal for first-time buyers and movers with just a 10% deposit or equity. It’s offering: Two-year fixed rate at 2.1% No fee Free valuat… Read more
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Halifax have 300+ different products. 1.42% 2 year fixed up to 75% ltv and 1.85% for a 5 year up to 60% ltv are the lowest rates they have currently but may not be the cheapest as that depends on other variables like loan amount etc. Totally pointless posting rates for any lender when there are 1000's of variables and products to be considered.


Halifax charging 2.25% for 2yrs fixed and 2.69% for 5yrs fixed on 32% LTV. I think that's criminal


Depends on income. Someone on sub 50k is unlikely to find a lender who will do 5 times income. If your a professional ie accountant/doctor then 5.5 is possible maybe even higher. Income multiples are only a part of the calculation as debt and household expenses also need to be considered.


5x income? Isn't that pretty poor financial advice/management? These are the same folk with a 5k miles per annum leased BMW on the drive.


A mate of the father in laws, Kingston I think the firms called

Sainsbury’s Bank credit card: 0% on purchases for 28 months + Nectar points
Refreshed 11th JunRefreshed 11th Jun
If you’ve got a big purchase coming up, this credit card from Sainsbury’s is worth a look. It offers: 0% interest on purchases for 28 months 0% interest on balance … Read more
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Should have heeded your warning. Have been trying for 2 weeks to make my first purchase using this card and every time it's been declined! Complaint submitted (not wasting more of my time on the phone to them) and depending on outcome likely to escalate further. I've almost lost an entire month of the 28 interest free months which is why I took out the card in the first place (fierce)


I took one out for 20 months last year in October. Had a limit of £3000 as requested which they increased to £3500.


HATE Sainsburys Bank. Applied for a 0% card, got approved, then was asked for documents. I sent them in and they kept refusing them and asking for different ones. In the end I told them to forget it and close the account. Waste of a credit search.


I went for one about 2 years back with a similar deal. I can’t say I’ve had any transactions declined though (although I’ve made rather few on it - just a couple of extravagant purchases) and the highest credit limit of the three credit cards I have. No banking app though and the website is a little naff. Nectar points on the majority of purchases though I believe. Only things excluded are things such as insurance premiums and such like if I remember correctly.


I found this too. I got declined twice in one day - each time I have to call and sit on hold while I tried to get put through to the right department

14000 nectar points (worth £70) when you get life insurance from sainsbury's (legal&general) minimum payment £5/month
Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
14000 nectar points worth £70 when u get life insurance from sainsbury Minimum premium is £5/month and will need to pay 5 months of premium to get the points After you receive the … Read more

This appears to have expired in February. It's £75 now.


Moneysupermarket are offering £125 Argos/Next/M&S voucher for new life insurance policies. £90000 for 5 years was £3.64 with Virgin.


Was told by Sainsbury’s that even though i had had a money back reward with L&G i would still be eligible for the points. I have cancelled the direct L&G policy so we will seee what happens with the Sainsbury one


Ok, thanks for the informative reply!


depends on your existing policy (eg if it had 10 years left, would the premiums on a new 10 year policy be more or less?), but in general I suggest you do NOT cancel your existing policy - just take this one out and cancel after 5 months. Also, as a rule, you shouldn't cancel an existing policy until you have had confirmation that the new policy is in place

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Sainsbury’s Bank credit card 0% BT 28 months, zero BT fee, Nectar points
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
Hi… If you’re in the market for a 0% balance transfer card, check out this deal from Sainsbury’s Bank: 0% interest on balance transfers for 28 months No balance transfer fee on… Read more
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The most backwards bank I've ever used. I've never phoned a company so much.


They have a 30 months at 0% balance transfer card, with a 0.55% fee. So it's not as good because of the small fee but the service I've got with virgin is so much better, and with the higher credit limit, its really relieved some finances for me! :D


Is this the one that has 29 or 30 months interest free on purchases and do the purchase have to be made within the initial (3month ?) period?


I got limit of £9k, that sorts out my finances. Thanks


The process to apply for one is ridiculous. i sent my documents off a week ago and I’ve received a letter again today asking for the documents again to be sent to them. copy of passport and council tax bill was what I sent in. the copy has to be signed on the same page not the back of the document. god knows why Sainsbury’s have this archaic process. I’ve had many credit cards in the past and never had to jump through them hoops.

Lowest EVER loan rate at 2.7% for 1 - 3 years @ Sainsburys Bank ( NOW LIVE )
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Sainsburys Bank are dropping there rate from 2.9% to 2.7% rep APR for loans on 1 - 3 years today at 11AM This will be for loans between £7.5k - £15k To be eligible for the rate… Read more
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It's better doing this over the phone, the rate can be negotiated... I've had down to 2% with these guys, just by saying that I was a loyal client with a nectar card... Kindest regards


I got the advertisement rate. Initially I was refused and phone them up to quary and they explained something about my address was irregular (possibly ni) and straight after accepted at advertised rate. Don't know my rating but have a high clearscore number.


Generally when you get a loan and make regularly payments and pay it off on time it will boost your credit score, they say the best way to do so is with credit cards or finance on a car 👌 check money saving expert for more advice on best ways to boost you score


That's pointless. They only need to give 50% or more the advertised rate. You're one of the 49%..


Maybe someone should speak to ASA about this. I have a good credit score and have applied for one of there loans 3 times. Always end up with an inflated rate compared to the advertised one

Longest 31 month credit card with 0% apr from sainsburys. Ends on Sunday! Credit card terms getting shorter all the time. Use for a big purchase. Also £50 in nectar points.
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
This Sainsbury's* card offers the longest 0% spending period, and if accepted you'll definitely get the full 31 months. You'll also earn Nectar points on all spending. Plus, you… Read more

Not sure if it's to do with the Easter holidays but day 4 and heard nothing. Not a great a start


Offer still on. Just applied, thanks :D


I have applied yesterday night and I will know in 5 working days what and if I get it, irritating as I have other credit cards and a good score (according to Experian).


They’re pretty generous I find. I’m not a working professional and I still got 1.2k to start off with. That’s a sizeable amount to make big purchases with. I think after several months of consistently paying off a set amount, if I asked for an extended credit card limit, they’d happily provide one as I’ve never missed a payment and I’m due to clear my balance before the offer period finishes.


Just a fair warning out there for folks. Apparently Sainsbury’s don’t offer paperless statements. I only found this out, when taking a 0% balance transfer offer from them on a card and they’ve kept sending me statements and opting to pay my balance via cheque through the post. I called them up because there’s no way to disable this online and I was told by an advisor that it’s not an option they provide even though a lot of customers call up to ask for paperless statements. Most irritating and a waste of paper I find as I have a direct debit setup to them and I use the online system anyway. That aside and a few confusing issues I faced with the UI on the online system, they’re pretty good.

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100 free Nectar points for giving Sainsbury’s your insurance renewal dates
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
You receive 100 free Nectar points simply for giving Sainsbury’s Bank the month your insurance needs to be renewed.

Fake email fake number thanks 50p lol




Done many thanks


I'll take the 50p! Cheers op.


Agreed. With GDPR looming companies are trying all sorts of trick to sign you up. For 50p worth, no tar.

Sainsbury’s Bank credit card 0% on purchases for 31 months
Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
Hey… here’s a nice long 0% purchase card if you’ve got lots of shopping to do and want to spread the cost for free. Sainsbury’s Bank is offering: 0% on purchases for 31 month… Read more
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Just to say thanks, spot on for whilst getting some home improvements done.


14k credit limit bloody hell. i don`t even need it.


How long do I have for balance transfers - is it free if I do it within 90 days of taking the credit card out and 3% for any balance transfers after that?


I signed up for this as my husband is having lens replacement surgery,0% for 31 mths with an 8k limit offered.Cheaper than taking out finance with optical express!!


This is the case for all 0% promotional deals. The minimum payment will be a percentage of the balance or cash amount each month (e.g. 3% of balance or £5, whichever is higher). You need to pay the minimum each month - you can set up a direct debit to do this - or you'll lose the promotional deal and normal interest rates will apply. As I said, this is the case for ALL 0% deals, both purchases and balance transfers.

Sainsbury's longest on the market at 31 months! 0% APR for purchases. Earn 1,000 extra Necter Points for £35 spent in sainsburys upto 10,000 points.
LocalLocalFound 9th Dec 2017Found 9th Dec 2017
This Sainsbury's* card offers the longest 0% spending period, and if accepted you'll definitely get the full 31 months. You'll also earn Nectar points on all spending. Plus, you… Read more

I thought it was set up to clear itself, £100 out a month by DD would clear it before the interest kicked in. Not now!


Yeah not sure why you didn't read but don't you check every month when it comes in? Also this is 31 months or rejected so that can't happen on this one


Just been caught out with tesco, thought I had 33 months but interest kicked in 4 months ago without me realising because I'd not been given the full term. My own fault for not paying attention, but still annoying.


Lol wondered what happened and remember the card has a £3 a month fee so useless to me as you can get 26 months with no fee or monthly fees. Hope it goes well for you


ha no, I was looking at balance transfer ones when you posted and had that in my head :) sorry :)

Sainsburys Bank 2-year fixed rate mortgage 1.39%, up to 80% LTV + up to £400 cashback on groceries over two years
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Are you a first-time buyer or home mover with 20% deposit/equity? If so, this deal from Sainsburys is pretty good: Two-year fixed rate at 1.39%, fee £745. Free valuation fo… Read more
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(highfive) Spot on. I was very happy with Halifax, who I was with for 4 years. But got much better rate with YBS. Unfortunately it doesn't pay to be loyal these days. And as for Sainsbury's Bank....they seriously need to take a long hard look at how they sell their mortgages!


Have to agree with this. I too tried to remortgage with sainsbury so slow long phone conversations took 1hr and then said they have to book me with an advisor and wait was 2wk by which time they withdrew the product. Complete waste of time. Have now remortgaged with atom which was much easier and simple and lucky rate was secured upon submission. I also recommend YBS who I am leaving to go to atom. They were excellent and again very efficient. Only reason I'm leaving is because of the excellent rate from atom otherwise I would have switched to the ybs offset but will do that in 2yr now.


Not necessarily, I personally don't want to fix for much longer than this because I'm moving in two years so gives me the flexibility of moving penalty free


Have a car loan with them and they were excellent start to finish ?


Errr.. that's how mortgages work..

Free 100 nectar points
Found 14th Nov 2017Found 14th Nov 2017
Just tick on I don't have insurances for all of them it says you should get the points within 60 days
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I believe 100 nectar points are worth 50p, is that correct?


ha! thats what i always do. ;-)


In which case put October and that way you'll get a whole year before they start pestering.


Description should be edited because: "100 Nectar points will only be awarded when at least one insurance renewal month is submitted"


clicked all boxes 100 points bagged. thx.

Sainsbury's Credit Card 32 months 0% apr plus 10,000 bonus points on Nector. Longest on the market!
Found 17th Oct 2017Found 17th Oct 2017
Sainsbury's Bank Purchase Credit Card Benefits 0% interest on purchases for your first 32 months 0% interest on balance transfers for 3 months Balance transfer fee of 2.88% (3… Read more

How long does it take for the bonus points to be given? I have made 10x£35 shops but not seen the 10k points yet.


Thank you again your my nectar fairy with all these great deals. Thanks for talking the time to post. £100 great xmas sorted xxx


sainsburys double up has been confirmed so you could get £100 for this as well as 32 months


Thank you that's a great deal. I have sighed up for the survey as well xxxx


This used to be 33 months. Same offer on points.

Sainsbury’s Bank 5-year fixed mortgage 1.59%, £745 fee or 1.78% no fee. Max LTV 60%
Found 13th Oct 2017Found 13th Oct 2017
If you’re looking to fix your mortgage for five years, Sainsbury’s has some decent deals. Up to 60% LTV 1.59% with a £745 fee 1.78% with no fee Up to 75% LTV 1.69% with a £74… Read more
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These deals not been available for weeks


Just going through Santander 1.79% fixed for 5years no fee. 1% cashback with 123 account so for me the best deal out there. Plus you can go into branch for overpayments. Doubt you could walk into Sainsbury's and do it at the till (lol)


Just going through Santander now so the comments above are welcome. Did the 1.94% 5 year fixed with no fees. The 1% 123 account cash back actually makes it a better rate again and drops my monthly payment by £10.


We are going through the same process, haven't spoken to a single person, done all online and we've had our mortgage offer through today. Super impressed and it's taken less 2 weeks!


Im currently going through Santander who have been great, from applying online on a Friday we were accepted and approved with an offer by the following Friday, now just waiting for the paperwork to come through

Sainsbury’s Bank two-year fixed mortgage at 1.43%, no fee, 75% LTV plus up to £400 shopping vouchers
Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
Sainsbury’s Bank is offering the following mortgage deal: Two-year fix at 1.43% Maximum 75% loan-to-value (LTV) – so you’re eligible if you have 25% deposit or equity. No arra… Read more
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What make's you think that? It's been expected that the base rate will rise another 4-5 times by 2020. Apparently dates have been 'pencilled' in for another 2 rises next year. Obviously no one knows for sure what's going to happen, but with rates this low it's unlikely to get any lower. If the predications are accurate, in 2 years time rates the rates could be significantly higher.


Has this deal expired can't see on Sainsbury's website


You need to check the terms of your Santander mortgage for "early repayment (or redemption) charges", see if you have to pay a fee, how much, then calculate whether the switch is still worthwhile.


What a wit.


Does anyone know if they will help with doing the legal work for moving from YBS?

14,000 Nectar Points (worth £70) for taking out Life Insurance with Sainsbury's Bank. (min. £5/month)
Found 7th Sep 2017Found 7th Sep 2017
You can get 14,000 Nectar Points (worth £70) by taking out Life Insurance with Sainsbury's Bank. Minimum monthly payment is £5 a month and minimum term is 1 year so £5 x 12 = £60. … Read more

Do Moneysupermarket and this ....


If you take out life insurance via Moneysupermarket, you get £75 vouchers for either Argos, Next or M&S ; Min term is 3 months - I just took out a policy for £5, so will end up £60 in profit


They might check medical history but there isn't a credit score for life insurance applications


Does it affect the credit score? If the answer is yes ... Then it doesn't worth it ..


If there is a way to cancel it after 5 months, then profit will be 45£'s

Sainsburys 0% apr on 32 months on purchases  plus 10,000 bonus points on nector each time you spend £35 in Sainsburys worth £50 in total!
Found 4th Sep 2017Found 4th Sep 2017
Sainsbury's Bank Purchase Credit Card expandedOverview Benefits 0% interest on purchases for your first 32 months 0% interest on balance transfers for 3 months Balance tran… Read more

How long did it take to get the points? I made plenty of £35 shops but have not seen the bonus points yet.


Up to 10,000 bonus Nectar points in your first two months Earn 1,000 bonus points each time you spend £35 or more on Sainsbury's shopping with your credit card, up to ten times in your first 2 months, that's 10,000 points


How long do they take to respond? As in if accepted or not?


Thanks been meaning to get one for ages :)

Sainsburys 0% balace transfer card 33 months £20 cashback and .59% fee
Found 18th Aug 2017Found 18th Aug 2017
This Sainsbury's Bank* card offers the same 0% period as the Lloyds card above. You'll also get £20 cashback if you apply via our link and transfer at least £1,000 within one mon… Read more

Just make sure you pay it all off 1 month early. Because the day interest is due to start Sainsburys will start charging it, even if you clear the full balance by the due date. And the next month there will be some interest on the interest.


HOT. Would have went for it but prefer the m&s deal posted few days ago with 50 quid vouchers.


Indeed. Could be that for unknown reason I do not fit their profile. I find it a bit odd you cannot request required limit as part of application and if unable to offer does not complete application.... MBNA have always been very generous with limit and limit increases so I've found them worth the extra .% to move balances. I always run a 30k interest free balance. Wonder when BOE will stop the 'excessive' lending practices of credit card providers


Fair enough - I know someone (not me) who got over £10k limit in similar circumstances to those you described, so I assume there's some "quirks" in the model they use


Voted hot incidentally :)

Sainsbury’s Bank dual offer credit card 29 months 0% interest on both balance transfers and purchases PLUS 5000 bonus Nectar points
Found 22nd Jun 2017Found 22nd Jun 2017
0% interest on balance transfers for 29 months 0% interest on purchases for 29 months 5,000 bonus Nectar points You'll also get 2 Nectar points per £1 spent on Sainsbury's shoppin… Read more

Can anyone please post the screenshot of the offer ? Thanks


​I got this last month and didn't need any statements at all?


Not really as with the "No Balance Transfer Fee" you would have 0% interest on purchases for 3 months only, instead of 29.


Sainsburys have excessive id requirements - fine if you have paper statements but no good for me as all my banking and utilities are online statements.


I might have missed something but isn't this cold? If we're talking about the just one month difference I would suspect the majority of people would go for Sainsburys "No Balance Transfer Fee" card which is 0% for 28 months but the 1.5% transfer fee is refunded. It also has the same 5,000 nectar points deal.

0% interest on balance transfers for 40 months - low 1.78% fee too and possible 5000 bonus nectar points
Found 5th Jun 2017Found 5th Jun 2017
Was a recent, and slightly longer @ 42 months, deal however the fee was higher, this one is a relatively lower balance transfer fee and still almost 3.5 years of interest free mone… Read more

Yes you can, I did exactly that with my card.


Can't transfer from Amex cards either I have found the card very frustrating


I got a Sainsbury card couple months ago with 29 months interest free on purchases the downside to it is that is not contactless


​where can i find that? want to see if husband is eligible


TIP: Use an eligibility calculator first :)

Sainburys Travel Money sale now on, with special rates for Nectar card holders @ Sainsburys Bank
Found 22nd May 2017Found 22nd May 2017
Looking for some Euros for my up coming holiday and the best high street rate I can find today is at Sainsburys Bank. Just got a rate of 1 GBP = 1.1401 EUR 3 DAY ONLINE & PHON… Read more

Better rates than Thomas Cook, travelex and post office for mexican pesos when I ordered last night. Be aware the best rates are for online orders delivered to store or home. The walk in rate is slightly less


Used John Lewis in store yesterday @ 1.142, still the same today.


I always use this site..


Thomas Exchange always has the best rates. I always normally go throught Travelex and do a price promise versus Thomas Exchange so you get the same rate without any postage fees. Currently better than Sainsburys at 1.1475 However, given the amout the that most people take/spend on holiday money, the differnece is practical terms is negligible.


​It's all in the T&C's