Saints Row 2 Xbox 360 £9.89 @ Sendit + Quidco
Saints Row 2 Xbox 360 £9.89 @ Sendit + Quidco

Saints Row 2 Xbox 360 £9.89 @ Sendit + Quidco

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A great price


Nice price but if I'm totally honest, not a good game.

Nice find, my son has been asking for this for a few weeks.

Good game!


Nice price but if I'm totally honest, not a good game.

Couldn't disagree more! Great sandbox game and well worth it at this price. Found it far better than GTA IV in terms of gameplay, customisability (is that a word?) and overall fun, and would definitely choose it over the latter. Hot.

Also has DLC expansion available, but not sure what that's like other than it stars Tera Patrick (don't ask why I remember that, or even know who she is :oops: *cough*).

Brilliant brilliant game. Better than GTA4 in terms of gameplay by far.

Review escapistmagazine.com/vid…w-2

was playing it last night, and i had to break up a fight between Ninjas and Pirates! :thumbsup:

Good price for a good game, I also agree with others found this far more entertaining than GTA and the 2 player co op made it even better.

I have to say this was one of the games I have enjoyed most over the last year, great fun in particular the co play element online. :thumbsup:

I'll add my praises - a much, much better game than GTA IV. It is consistently entertaining, has a massive amount and variety of things to do (you can lose hours tinkering with the ingame car customisation alone) and most importantly it has the fun factor that seemed to be completely missing from the new GTA.

bought this from asda the other day for £9.93 i think, so not gonna lose much sleep, but good deal all the same:thumbsup:

Pretty good deal for a pretty good game. Certainly better than the £20 Micro$oft want to download it straight to your machine.

Excellent game and great price. Wouldnt bother downloading the expansions though, there good but too short for the price. Only a few levels.

Worth the price I enjoyed this game much more then GTAIV I've been playing Saints Row 2 for months the story was good and the online is great fun. The DLC wasn't to bad for the price either.

Just ordered. Thanks to finder

Quite a few decent games for under a tenner lately. I haven't played this but I have played the original Saints Row so this should be well worth the money.
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