Saints Row 3 PS3 - £29.99 @  simply Games

Saints Row 3 PS3 - £29.99 @ simply Games

Found 1st Dec 2011
Saints Row 3 for PS3 £29.99 at Simply Games. Used these a couple of years back, good delivery.

Is it worth a punt for £30?
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Yes! Really fun game, so much to do and so many cool weapons and vehicles to choose from, buy it!!
only problem with it is the glitching of camera. other than that its a proper boys game. Guns, drugs and Prostitues all in a reality world
Bought this for coop, and found out it is completely broken online, so many glitches that it becomes unplayable.

Single player is good fun for a little while though.
will be £17.99 in no time (_;)
Get it closer to £20 and ill give it a go, got BF3+MW3 to finish yet.
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