Saints Row (Classics) £7.99 @ Play.com
Saints Row (Classics) £7.99 @ Play.com

Saints Row (Classics) £7.99 @ Play.com

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Ok, so it's quite an old game and I am not sure if it's the best price but Maybe it will come in handy for someone.

Possible discounts too.

* A fully dynamically lit world: Car headlights and muzzle flashes light up the world of Saints Row
* Next Gen shaders allow the creation, in real-time, of effects previously reserved for movies
* Pedestrians react to your actions and remember who you are. Fail to represent, and other gang members will lose respect for you. Bling up your latest car, wear expensive clothes and women will flock to you
* Freeform game play gives you increased choices: Purchase an item at a store, or rob the cashier at gunpoint and run away with the cash, unless you prefer to break in at nigh for a full-scale robbery
* Ragdoll physics allow for real-time reactions of the game characters and objects to impacts, be it combat or collisions
* Extensive car damage modeling means vehicles bend and crumple when they hit obstacles and an incredible level of detail in the breakdown of components when vehicles explode etc...
* Online gameplay offers unique challenges and rewards


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Bah!!! Another one bites the dust...........

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Ah, now @ £7.99
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