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Posted 25 November 2022

Saints Row £24.99 - Xbox Series/One + PS5 + PS4 - £24.99 @ Currys/PC World

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Welcome to the weird, wild west. Set in the city of Santo Ileso, it's the biggest Saints Row map yet. Explore the sandbox open-world as you build your criminal empire from the ground up. Become the boss of The Saints as you take over the city, waging war against rival factions along the way. Expect blockbuster action, criminal side hustles and lots of jokes thrown in too.

Good to know

- Whether you want to look stylish or just plain silly, express yourself with almost endless character customisation
- From revolvers to rocket launchers, there are loads of customisable weapons to choose from too
- Delve into Santo Ileso's nine districts as you make your mark on the city
- There are loads of ways to get around - take your pick of cars, bikes, planes and helicopters or just glide around in your wingsuit
- Play the whole game (or just a few missions) with a friend with drop-in/drop-out co-op
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    This game not even worth £10
    Im with you, i paid £50 for this at launch and wish i hadnt bothered.

    Story is cheese and not in a good way, graphics looked dated for 80% of the game though some scenes at nite can look decent, characters lacked any... well any character and i didnt care for a single 1, map was lacking and uninteresting to explore for the most part. To name a few big problems.

    Honestly i loved 1,2 and even 3 but this was just a let down. The most i would say is wait till its £10 to anyone who is interested in it, if you enjoy then youve got something great for a tenner, if not then atleast you only lost a tenner. Hell if nothing else the longer you wait the more it gets patched so you will have a better experience when you do try it. This is my opinion and if you feel different and enjoyed your time with it then fair enough, im jelous as i wish i did but sadly i didnt enjoy it.
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    this has early 2023 gamepass written all over it !!!
    I mean yeah I haven’t actually brought it but thought it was a good price for a new game ha 
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    I bit at £25 from Asda today. It's good fun.
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    Got a soft spot for Agents of Mayhem so very tempted to get this
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    Agents of mayhem which can often be bought for less than £3 digitally is a better game. This will be sub £15 after Xmas
    Trophy hunters be aware that the platinum is unobtainable for this game
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    It's a fun game. I'm really enjoying it. It's supposed to be silly.
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    Here's to hoping Amazon price match, although personally I'm hoping £20 by cyber Monday.
    Amazon already did match it at £24,99, it appears they have sold out now
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    Hold out till the new year and it will be a >10 bargain bin game
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    Good find and first deal, @db_lfc
    Thank you
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    Shocking failed game bugs and poor story line
    Yup and the devs wonder why they went broke