Saints & Soldiers (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @ Powerplay !

Saints & Soldiers (DVD) - £2.99 delivered @ Powerplay !

Found 12th Feb 2008
Find-DVD search identified this as "Special Edition (2 Disc) Tin Box" but cant be confirmed...

Based on a true story of heroism and sacrifice, SAINTS AND SOLDIERS was an acclaimed hit on the film festival circuit, winning over 10 best film awards around the country. In some of the most vicious days of World War II, four American soldiers survive a massacre of prisoners and remain trapped behind enemy lines. When they encounter a hiding British officer with valuable intelligence information, the group decides to try and sneak back into friendly territory with the data. However, that proposition is rife with difficulties: the group is mostly unarmed, the weather is freezing cold, they have no food, and the woodlands are crawling with German soldiers. Can each of the men overcome their fear and the odds to deliver the information that may save hundreds of Allied lives? SAINTS AND SOLDIERS is an independently made war film which proves that verisimilitude and emotional impact in the genre is not entirely the province of Hollywood.


Great find been waiting for this to go down in price

Also Enter code 'PP-02-DISCOUNT' for a 2% discount.

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Great find been waiting for this to go down in price :)Also Enter code … Great find been waiting for this to go down in price :)Also Enter code 'PP-02-DISCOUNT' for a 2% discount.Plus an extra 4% through Quidco!

Thanks for the info ade2j

Voucher added to OP now.

Great film, got mine a year ago I think in HMV for £5.

I saw this and thought it was nothing special.

Currently all sold out :x

Nice spot though.

voted warm - Picked this up in Zavvi for the same price (in store) that was a few weeks ago mind!
(non tin version - imho the 'special editions' with extra rbuubish are just price inflators!)

got this a while ago, not sure of the fuss about it.

good price, cold film

Good film, especially for those that liked Band Of Brothers

Voted hot, I paid £5 for it a few months back at HMV

Showing out of stock for me....

rubbish film... spend your money and time on something else...

(haven't voted it cold, but that's my opinion)

shows out of stock
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