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Sairento VR (PSVR PS4) £19.85 @ Shopto

Sairento VR (PSVR PS4) £19.85 @ Shopto

Posted 31st Oct
Ninja VR, cutting!

Play as a Cyber Ninja warrior with an arsenal of deadly weapons. Chosen
to be a Silent one for your outstanding character and trained by a sense
I skilled in the art of ancient Japanese martial arts and modern fighting, you not only yield a mean katana but are also skillful with guns and projectile weapons. Built for non-stop slash and shoot action, sairento aims to set a new standard in VR games in terms of excitement and engagement. PLAY AS A CYBER NINJA WARRIOR WITH AN ARSENAL OF DEADLY WEAPONS Famed for its unique and daring locomotion. Play alone or 2 player PVE COOP.

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Haven't heard anything about this but it looks good
I have this on the quest absolutely love the game. £20 seems a great price for this game.
I bought this for £25 a couple of months ago imo £15 would be a steal but £19.85 is ok, graphics aren't great but movement is king with this game with the ability to back, front and side flip in mid air 'Super Hot' style.
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