Saitek Photo Mouse £

Saitek Photo Mouse £[email protected]

Found 21st Sep 2010
* Easy to use: just print photo, cut, insert & close
* 3 buttons & scroll wheel
* 800dpi, optical performance
* LED spotlight to light up the photo
* Sized to suit both desktop and notebook users for optimum comfort
* Cutting template included (can also be downloaded
* resizing instructions for Paint in the manual)
* Makes an ideal, fun gift or impulse purchase
* strong female/child appeal, an up-to-date way to give a photo


Notice the price in the GREAT Play SALE…106
last month it was 50p cheaper ;-)

But that was probably the sale price for an odd day of the month and this sale is for an even day of the month

Thanks - that's my office Secret Santa present taken care of a couple of months in advance - I work with a load of women who have kids so it will be perfect no matter whose name I pull out of the hat!

I don't know about anyone else, but I tend to have my hand on the mouse.

Surely the only time the photo will be visible is when you're not at your desk =/

Another stupid piece of tat for the bin... just buy a photo frame.

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