Saitek Slimline Keyboard In Pink - £4.95 Delivered @ PC World

Saitek Slimline Keyboard In Pink - £4.95 Delivered @ PC World

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I'm posting this because of my girlfriend.  Apparently it is the best PINK colour shes seen on a keyboard and it is very slim.  She paid 9.99 for one, I can't find it cheaper anywhere.Pretty in pink, this compact Saitek Slimline Keyboard also means business! Offering USB plug and play connection, low-profile keys for quiet typing and comfort even over long sessions at your PC, as well as a set of multimedia shortcut keys that will allow you to enjoy easy access and control of music, video and more, the Saitek Slimline Keyboard will help you get the most out of your digital work and play.Benefit from full keyboard features in a stylish pink design with this Saitek Slimline Keyboard.


Buying one for the wife... Thanks!

don't forget quidco or topcashback

Need to add postage costs as its not aviailable instore ?


Need to add postage costs as its not aviailable instore ?

Delivery is free.

oops - my bad. Apologies.
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not wireless a pity

Me likey!(_;)

That's a really nasty colour!
Good price though!!

Does anywhere have any other colours ( but same slimline style like this ) at around this price?

Voted hot.


We sell these at work for £9.99. Good price but really uncomfortable to type on.

Looks like the Apple Keyboard


Looks like the Apple Keyboard

yeah, shamelessly stolen design from apple.

But as Steve Jobs and Picasso once said, "Good artists copy. Great artists steal."

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Shouldn't there be a sex discrimination law that prevents the sale of stuff that's only available in pink!

ordered for my lady thanks op

Lol excellent. I work in IT and I've got a user who's very macho and hates the colour pink. Guess where the one I've just ordered is going.....

Shame it doesn’t come with pretty pink ribbons and frills around it! – voted hot anyway coz it's a 'proper pink' - not any old pink......

I quite like it (though I'm using my trusty Logitech G11..nearly two years old and going strong).

Does the ink on the keyboard last? Most keyboards I've bought get thrown out after a few months, after the keys go blank.
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