Saitek X52 Pro Controller £105.48 @ Amazon

Saitek X52 Pro Controller £105.48 @ Amazon

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Found 6th Aug 2014
Cheapest I've seen this. Increasing popularity for games like Elite and Star Citizen are making these a bit harder to get. Cheapest I've seen elsewhere was £124.99.
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great price.
Yeah, looks like the usual case of sheeple voting purely on the fact it's £100 for a controller. Hopefully someone benefits anyway, I know I did.
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Just dug out my X45 for Elite... tempted by this now though!
Good price, I went for the thrustmaster Hotas x. This is a bit beyond what I wanted to spend for a game.
I've used this saitek and the hotas x and the hotas is better value in my opinion. I've got the hotas x
I did really wrack my brains over which one but in the end decided cheaper joystick and upgrade the graphics card instead.
Get it while it's hot. So many people looking for stock on these and other similar sticks, that I'm surprised Amazon even dropped the price.
I recently bought the X52 (non pro) from BT for a little over £90 delivered. It's a great stick. The only real difference between the pro and non pro is that the pro has a better display - which virtually no games use, has a little more metal in its construction, and has different coloured LEDs. Unless you really need/want the extras then I reckon you're better off saving £15 and getting the X52 non pro.
The pro should last longer due to that so worth the extra IMO.

Copied from the saitek forums from a support staff explaining the differences between the x52 and x52 pro :

1. Tri-state LEDs (which are also accessible by the SDK)2. Dual spring … 1. Tri-state LEDs (which are also accessible by the SDK)2. Dual spring centering mechanism - provides incremental stiffness as you move the stick away from centre3. Dual hall effect sensors for increased accuracy of the stick axes4. Metal shaft and centering mechanism for increased durability5. Selected metal parts

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Don't know how much of that marketing guff translates into anything useful but as I'm spending this much on a Joystick in the first place I saw no reason to 'scrimp' on £15.
The whole LED thing did nothing for me. I've for a Saitek Cessna set for my flight sim antics.
Had my eye on one of these since getting the Elite beta. Cheapest i could find was £115 and even on ebay second hand going for around £100.
Was going to import the Rhino from for just shy of £160 but plumped for this instead. Really can't justify going for a Warthog although would love one.
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