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Free Salcura Bioskin Cream Sample
Found 4th Sep 2016Found 4th Sep 2016
Salcura Bioskin is specially designed to treat skin related issue like eczema and dry skin. A free sample is available for both adults and children. Get your free sample of this pr… Read more

New customers only




Thanks op

Buy 2 Acne Face Wash Products and get 2 Acne Face Wipe packs FREE! £19.98 + £2.95 del (£22.93) @ Salcura
Found 11th Aug 2016Found 11th Aug 2016
Beat the Breakout this Summer with our Antiac Daily Acne Packs Don't let Acne get you down this Summer! Here at Salcura we have put together the ultimate acne pack, we have includ… Read more
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This deal is £22.93 after postage for the 4 products :( Without really shopping around the better prices I found were: The face wash is under £3.89 delivered And the wipes £6.49 delivered = £20.76 buying them on 'full price' however there's regularly special offers on making it cheaper. I use the face wash as it's so gentle on my skin, doesn't have lots of chemicals in it, it smells divine & just 'works' for my skin. It lasts ages too.


Not sure if you can find 2 x face wash + 2 x face wipes together cheaper than £19.98 for all 4 products?


Thanks Everyone! :)


Haha. Beat me to it.


Anything by Salcura gets a thumbs up from me, but the price isn't great so I won't vote either way. Look on Amazon and eBay for better prices.

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Salcura Eczema & Psoriasis Trial Pack - New Customer Offer £2 (+P&P)
Found 16th Mar 2016Found 16th Mar 2016
Content from the website.. "Transform Eczema-Prone Skin for ONLY £2! (RRP £9.99) Salcura is a British skincare brand that provides natural, bio-scientific solutions for challenge… Read more

Curious.. Literally have no idea how those tags got on there or how to remove them.. when i edit it.. they don't even exist!!


Maybe remove the ps4 tag? Reported as spam


Used the lip stuff, was pretty good and helped with wind chapped lips.


gonna give it a go but yeah postage bumps it up


if they were that confident about the product they would not be charging for trial packs.

Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser 50ml for 99p (RRP £9.99) @ Salcura with delivery
Found 11th Nov 2015Found 11th Nov 2015
This was originally posted 6 months ago but worth a repost, excellent for many skin conditions and works a treat on eczema. Normal price is £9.99 but for new customers it is only … Read more

Still on offer at 99p but charging £2 p&p Still good buy


Do you recommend mayonnaise? :{


FRIDAY13 can be used for 13% off today as well


Coconut oil is very good for eczema. As with a lot of medication, it may not work for everyone


If you've bought before just put in any postal address then pay via Pay Pal and change there to your actual delivery address :)

FREE sample goody bags - Bioskin Junior
Found 30th Oct 2015Found 30th Oct 2015
We are on a mission. A mission to restore the smiles of 10,000 children before Christmas. How are we going to do it?With Bioskin Junior. Salcura has helped child eczema for nearly… Read more
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for those suffering from eczema try removing aspartame from your diet


thanks heat added


Thank you, heat added.

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Salcura Antiac (Acne Reducing) Face Wash - 99p delivered (down from £9.99) - New Customer Offer
Found 15th Jun 2015Found 15th Jun 2015
(Taken from Website) New Customer Offer - Be Acne Free for 99p We have created some of the best natural skin therapy products for acne, pimples, spots and generally oily and cong… Read more

​yep just recieved it


Received this morning having been dispatched on Monday.


just arrived today


hi has anyone received there order yet ?


Hi actually got an email saying order despatched for both home and work, so it worked, I honestly did not expect it to, but all great!

Zeoderm Skin Repair Moisturiser 50ml for 99p (RRP £9.99) @ Salcura
Found 20th Apr 2015Found 20th Apr 2015
Zeoderm from Salcura Skincare is an effective and practical solution for more severe cases of eczema, psoriasis and dry skin conditions. When I went to buy it I also got offered t… Read more
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add code WipesFor1 for a 25 pack of face wipes for £1 too :)


Might get rid of it entirely. What about things like chocolate?


Not really - urea (as found in urine) is the active ingredient in Eucerin skin care products, which are fairly effective. Many years ago, mothers would clean their baby's skin with the wet nappy when they changed it!


It hasn't been necessary in his case. If there is no need to go to extremes, then why do so?


Comment Whilst I wouldn't recommend using your own urine, despite it being sterile :p, you can get urea based creams which are shown to have the effects described. So instead of doing this, you could ask your GP to try some.

Salcura Trial pack for free but you have to pay £2 for postage @ salcura
LocalLocalFound 19th Feb 2013Found 19th Feb 2013
Back again! Salcura Trial pack for free but you have to pay £2 for postage Trial Pack Includes: 1 x DermaSpray™ Intensive (15ml) 1 x DermaSpray™ Gentle (15ml) 3 x Salcura Zeode… Read more
Salcura Problem Skin Trial Pack Free @ Salcura ( £2 P+P )
Found 18th Nov 2012Found 18th Nov 2012
Back again, Salcura Trial pack for free but you have to pay £2 for postage Trial Pack Includes: 1 x DermaSpray™ Intensive (15ml) 1 x DermaSpray™ Gentle (15ml) 3 x Salcura Zeode… Read more

This is a great company & the products work really well on sensitive skin.


Thanks. Worth a try.


I do not have a particularly problematic skin but got those when I saw them on HUKD. Arrived quickly and I find them very helpful to take away on short holiday - good quality and nice small (but not too small) sizes: you get 3 small samples of some and 2 nice sized 15 ml bottles of the other two. Hot.


Thanks for this... Worth a try at £2 and if it helps its a bargain...

Salcura Problem Skin Trial Pack Free @ Salcura (£2 P&P)
Found 30th Aug 2012Found 30th Aug 2012
Salcura Trial pack for free but you have to pay £2 for postage Trial Pack Includes: 1 x DermaSpray™ Intensive (15ml) 1 x DermaSpray™ Gentle (15ml) 3 x Salcura Zeoderm (3ml) Imp… Read more

15% OFF your first purchase: -------------- SA2h4Fg3


Quite expensive to buy the bigger bottles :(


not bad ordered tks


Ill give it a go because I've tried loads of things for skin and nothing seems to work. Fingers crossed.


worth a go...

Free stuff for eczema, psoriasis, dry and itchy skin sufferers
Found 7th Oct 2010Found 7th Oct 2010
Free stuff for eczema, psoriasis, dry and itchy skin sufferers, including £5 voucher.
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They won't accept the request for stuff unless you give them a mobile number, which I think is a bit dodgy. Naturally I gave them a wrong number which means someone else will get annoying texts but that's the company's fault not mine.


Thanks, worth a try, but i prefer the uva treatment i get every now and again. does the trick for me :)


Psoriasis is still here but the Salcura samples were good for relieving the itching and temporarily reducing the scaling and dryness. I'll be buying some once the samples run out. Only had one or two emails from them so they are respectful too. I avoid perfumed goods like the plague but these have a nice natural smell about them.


last time samples were good. hope get some samples and not just vouchers, good find heat

Salcura samples - now back in stock
Found 9th Apr 2010Found 9th Apr 2010
Posted before, but ive just had an email saying the samples are back in stock
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I appreciate the info- thanks. You clearly suffered with your condition- sorry if I sounded flippant in previous posts


Anything can spark it off, poor health, sensitivity to something you are in contact with daily. I think mines was more due to lifestyle, but it may partly have been psycosomatic. I was smoking whatever and drinking alot, my diet was poor, lots of processed foods, i took very little excercise, i was overweight, i worked in a crappy, dusty document store and had very low self esteem. The specialists at the time linked the start of it to a bad bronchial infection and subsequent courses of antibiotics. I had spontaneous and pressure related urticaria. If i wore anything tight against my skin, even the tops of my socks or rings, id get massive whelts, of course you scratch it and it just starts to flare up. It was controlled for most of the time with antihistamine and the hives would be gone by the following day. But sometimes i was just a painful swollen mess, my shoes wouldnt fit and i wouldnt be able to make a fist my hands would be so swollen. I was always told that it would just have to run its course. On good days i would cut down to half an antihistamine and as my lifestyle gradually changed to something a bit more healthy, it started to happen less and less. Ive not taken antihistamine for about 10 or 12 years now although i found it kinda came back when i was pregnant with my daughter, but it wasnt bad enough to have to take medication.


How did you get rid of it? Did the condition just run its natural course and go away on it's own? Often I think the condition is psycho-somatic


Have recently suffered with red and scaly patches of eczema on my face and tried a free sachet of zeoderm - it's managing it really well so glad to get some more free samples - thanks!


Thankfully i dont suffer from it now, but i suffered from urticaria for 10 years. I used to regulary get debilitating flare ups. Massive hives all over my face and body, on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet, for days on end. You dont mind if i use the word 'suffered' do you?? Glad to hear that youre not 'suffering' Mascherano. Well done for all your support there! Madkitty, i hope it clears up quickly for you, it can be quite awful to live with.

Free Salcura Samples (ideal for children and adults with eczema, psoriasis, itchy and dry skin. )
Found 25th Feb 2010Found 25th Feb 2010
"Please fill out the form below to obtain your FREE SAMPLES." Which product is right for me? 1. Intensive Skin Therapy spray for anyone over 12months i.e. children and adults wi… Read more

Do you have psoriatic or rheumatoid arthritis - or very very bad psoriasis? These drugs are not just given out to anybody as they can come along with some serious side effects because they lower/suppress your immune system - to the point where you're in 'at risk' categories for catching any illnesses as your body loses the ability to fight illness when the immune system is lowered so much. Ciclosporin are also prescribed to transplant patients for this reason, to lower the risk of the body rejecting the organ. These drugs are named DMARDs (Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs) and fall under the immunosupressant drugs category within this alongside drugs like methotrexate, azathioprine, cyclophosphamide, leflunomide and mycophenolate. Psoriasis is a symptom of an overactive immune system and thus is the reason why you would see a benefit from using these but I seriously doubt that you would get such a referral or prescription for these drugs unless your condition was very severe indeed as the cons can far outweigh the pros. My mum has been on them all (and now on biologics) and I have been prescribed methotrexate primarily because I have arthritis alongside my psoriasis and was told that my psoriasis should get better through use of these tablets but only as an added extra, as I'd have never been prescribed it just for my psoriasis. Methotrexate is a cancer drug - used in much larger dosages that are prescribed for use in arthritis but you can see these drugs are pretty hardcore drugs and generally not available for anybody who asks for them. Just didn't want anybody getting their hopes up and being let down. xx How are they trying to kid people when they're saying you can try the products before you give out any money? Think about it.:roll:


They do- if the natural product satisfies the rigorous clinical trials. Trouble with alternative medicine is that none of it is tested, bit like russian roulette. Salcura I think the truth is important. A product wrapped up in lies doesnt get my thumbs up.


I hear you dear , I didn't take that personally and never does...what I meant was (and is) this: If the core is right whatever package it comes in, should be secondary. I may be wrong but I think everyone would rather for their folds a sheep with not pure wool than a wolf disguised as a sheep with pure wool.


In a multi billion pounds industry that is made from chemicals...I may be wrong but I think the reason why is simply money loll!


yes, it is a miracle cure! I have used it on my baby daughter who had bad eczema all over her face; the creams from the doctors were useless & full of chemicals! Since trying salcura, it has completely disappeared & the ingredients are all natural! why dont doctors prescribe more NATURAL things!?

Free sample of Salcura Intensive (pay p+p)
Found 3rd Jul 2007Found 3rd Jul 2007
We are so confident the you'll love our Intensive skin therapy that we are willing to give you a FREE bottle to prove our point. Salcura Intensive is an easy to use skin therapy fo… Read more

I agree, £3.51 is not free but its certainly a good offer.. Gonna order mine now....


£3.51 is not free!


The system they have probably doesnt allow them to sell things for "£0.00" and/or they have to make at least some money, companies like photobox or salcura cannot keep on giving things away free without a little money towards the postage in return.


I wondered why this had been voted so cold as I have dry skin that would benefit from such a cream, but on visiting the site i noticed that it is NOT free, but has a price of £0.01 and P&P of £3.50 Sorry, But I dont consider this to be a freebie